10/18/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Metro Area)

Today we had the honor of taking out Mr Dick Patton of Hillsborough and his son Bruce of Folsom. Dick spent several years fishing out of Santa Cruz but said catching a Salmon on the Sacramento River was on his bucket list. At 88 years old he finally was able to spend some time on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing. It took 45 minutes to get our first fish on and it was on Dicks rod. We landed that one and soon after that Bruce landed one. The bite slowed a little after that so we started working down river to try to get away from the boat traffic. It wasn’t long before Bruce landed a small King then Dick landed the biggest of the day a 24 pound king. I had a great time listening to Dicks stories and as it turns out we know a lot of the same people in the fishing world. Our fish were all caught trolling Flat Fish down river in the Sacramento Metro area.

Note Dick was not able to hold the 24 lb King Salmon for the photo so Bruce has the big one.



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