5/14/14 Davis Lake Fishing

Every year myself and a few other guides take a large group out for a couple days on Davis Lake Fishing. Most of these guys are not early risers so the normal launching time is around 8:00 AM. This year Camp 5 was the only ramp open and man was it packed! We started trolling right outside the ramp pulling the traditional tackle we normally run on Davis, Copper/Red Wee Dick Nights, Needle Fish, Copper Red Sep’s Secrets and Flies. The bite had been very good the day before, however, on this day it was starting off slow. Checking with three other guides there were only a couple rainbow trout landed between 4 guide boats after the fist hour. As the day went on the bite started picking up. My boat ended the day with 9 rainbow trout, 2 of which we released due the their small size. Our biggest rainbow trout of the day was 18 3/4 “. Overall it was a great day on Davis Lake. The fish we kept were all nice healthy rainbow trout, the meat on these fish were red and firm. Every one of our rainbow trout was caught on a red dot frog Needle Fish from 6’ deep to 25’ deep. We caught rainbow trout on both sides of the island, along the west side of the lake by Camp 5 and just North of the Island. The water temp was 57 degrees in the morning. I didn’t fish it on Thursday, the guides that stayed said it was a slow start again this morning. We all try to guess what caused the bite to go from very good to slow. Who knows the real reason but a couple facts for sure is the number of boats on the water the last couple days definitely increased and the moon was big and bright. I’m sure the bite will pick up again as the moon darkens, but regardless when you can catch a few fat 18” rainbow trout on a lake as beautiful as Davis Lake…it’s hard to complain. www.FishTightLines.com

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