6/17/16 Stampede Kokanee

5/17/16 Kokanee

Started off cold this morningand a tough bite.  Marked a ton of fish, they were just not in the mood to bite.  Switch up the presentation and lures a bit and started to catch fish.  Losing a bunch too.  About 9 am, the bite really turned on and we hooked numerous fish but failed to get most of em in the boat.  Then the wind started to blow and by 10:30, the wind started to howl!!! Makes for a tough day trying to keep at 1mph with a 20 plus mph wind.

We ended the day with 10 Kokanee to 16″.  Top presentation was a Dick Nite spoon behind a Rocky Mountain Tackle 4.25″ pink n purple dodger with ProCure Kokanee Special scented shoe peg corn.  Best depth was 30′ in 45′ of water.  Trolling speed between 1mph to 1.3 mph gps speed.

To get in on the action, call Capt. James Netzel at888-975-0990  or book online at http://FishTightLines.coom


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