6/19/14 Lake Tahoe Kokanee Fishing

Lake Tahoe Kokanee Fishing

We fished Lake Tahoe today with John and Scott Harmer. We launched at Cave Rock and ran over to the South Shore in search of Kokanee. We found a couple small schools and landed a few up to 18″. I was surprised to hook fish from 30″ to 75″. The Kokanee were caught on Sep’s 4/0 dodgers and RMT Assassin Spinners tipped with Natural Pautzke Fire Corn.  On the way back we stopped in front of Cave Rock and made a couple passes for Mackinaw. We landed one per pass on Glow spoons in 200′ of water.  If you would like to book a Lake Tahoe Kokanee Fishing trip click on the link for more www.FishTightLines.com or call (888) 975-0990.

Scott Harmer of Hong Kong with two of the Kokanee we caught today.

Lake Tahoe Kokanee

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