7/15/13 Stampede Reservoir Kokanee


Today we took Andrew and Rohan Volkman of Grand Junction Colorado on a Kokanee trip at Stampede. Today was Rohan’s 15th birthday. We met in Truckee at 5:00 AM and headed to the lake. We went straight across to the island where I had worked a nice school of Kokanee two days prior. It took only a couple minutes to find them and got hooked up. We averaged more than 10 fish per hour for the first hour or so. We were releasing fish and also lost some, it didn’t take long before we had limits of Kokanee in the boat. We also set some crawdad traps as I needed some crawdads for the next days Salmon opener. We dropped two traps and only left them in the water long enough to clean our Kokanee. When we returned, we had close to 40 crawdads.

Our best producer today was a Sep Watermelon Strike Master Dodger and a RMT spinner and the same Dodger with a Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger Spinner all tipped with the new Pautzke Shoepeg Can O Corn, pink in color. The most productive depth today was 45 to 60 feet deep in front of the island. What a great day on Stampede! There were about six boats fishing and when we pulled out the water was still like glass and 69 degrees. I have to throw in a plug for the new boat. All I can say is in 17 years of guiding this is the easiest boat to work from I have ever been in. We have had it nine days and fished out of it eight of those.  Someone asked me today, if I could start over with this boat what would I have done different, my response was wish I would have bought one a long time ago, everything else has been perfect!


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