8/27/12 Donner Lake

For some reason, I set the alarm an hour earlier than I needed today and showed up at the Donner Lake ramp way to early. It didn’t take me long to also discover it was a lot colder than the days before. Okay enough complaining. We got the boat in the water and everything ready to go. Our clients showed up and off we went in search of Kokanee and maybe even a Mack or two. We were almost up to Loch Leven Lodge and found some nice schools of fish around 50 feet deep. We dropped in a Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master with a pink Uncle Larry’s spinner tipped with pink Pautzke’s Fire Corn behind a Black Shark Cannonball weight. The next setup we dropped in was a Shasta Tackle pink Melon Sling Blade with a Rocky Mountain Tackle pink Plankton spinner also tipped with Pink Pautzke Fire Corn. The next step was going to be to drop a couple bigger baits down for Mackinaw, however, the Kokanee didn’t seem to want to give us a break. It was fast action for the first hour with bright Donner Lake Kokanee. We finely managed to get some bigger bait’s down but the Mackinaw bite wasn’t happening for us today. After a slower spell that lasted about an hour the bite picked up again and we netted a few more and called it a day. After a chilly morning on Donner it turned out to be a nice day with some nice Kokanee. The Kokanee at Donner this year are by no means big, they and sure nice bright clean and good eating fish.

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