8/7/13 Stampede Kokanee Continue to Bite


After a couple days at Lake Tahoe we moved camp over to Stampede. Today’s trip started off completely different that the last time we were on Stampede which was just last week. Dark clouds blanketed us as we left the ramp. We started off at the regular spot which is just off the island. I had to look twice when I glanced at the Lowrance. There were fish stacked like I haven’t seen on Stampede in a long time. We dropped a Sep’s Strike Master with a RMT Assassin spinner on one side and the same dodger with an Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger on the other. Both were tipped with Pautzke Fire Cured Shoepeg corn behind Chrome Shark Cannonballs. We made two passes without a touch. Finally, on the next pass we hooked up and lost it before we good get a look at it. This was the case for the next four hook ups. We finally boated a couple of nice Kokanee. After those couple of fish the bite started getting slower. I switched things around to try to get these fish to hit anything. The screen was still loaded. Every boat that went by made a comment about how slow it was. Finally, I found the combination they wanted. A Sep’s Gold Starlight dodger with an Uncle Larry’s Pink UV Spinner with the same corn, started to produce several fish. It was never a red hot bite, we ended up doing well with just a couple short of limits. I believe the low pressure system that was over us had to have something to do with today’s bite. After dropping off our clients I picked up my wife, Tresa and went to look at some other spots just in case I needed them for tomorrows trip. We were behind the island when I marked a bunch of fish in 40 feet of water sitting right on the bottom. We dropped in a Pink and Silver Fish Flash with the Uncle Larry’s Pink Spinner and within a couple minutes we had two fish on that set up and another on the Sep’s Gold Starlight with the same spinner.

The Maxwell Family (Left to Right) Mark, Luke, Will and Sam or San Carlos CA with a few of the Kokanee they caught today.
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