9/10/12 North Lake Tahoe

Babe from Kansas caught this nice Mack.

Are clients today we visiting from Kansas. We launched at North Lake Tahoe and headed out at 6:30 AM. The water was a little choppy and figured it would only get worse. The spot we wanted to fish has no shelter but we decided to go for it anyway. After about a 6-mile ride we dropped our gear down to 280’ in 310’ of water. Thank goodness for the TR-1 keeping the boat straight in the wind. Within 10 minutes, we had our first fish that weighed in at 4.25 lbs. It wasn’t long before we had a twin to the first one. Surprisingly, the wind laid down a little. In the next 45 minutes we landed and released another Mack that was about a pound. We picked up and headed to another spot where we picked up five more releasing one of those. We ended the day keeping six Mack’s. The lure of choice today was a #3 Needlefish. Our original plan was to fish for Mack’s for and hour or two, then run to the south shore and target some Kokanee, we decided against it with the wind and chop on the water.

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