We were on our way to Trinity Lake and we decided to stop at Whiskeytown this afternoon. We launched at the Oak Bottom Ramp and headed out about five hundred yards. We worked the coves and rock piles pulling a variety of Cripplures and Humdingers down to fifteen feet. A few rainbows to twelve inches were hooked on these rigs before switching over to orange and gold F-7 Rapalas which were smeared with Pro-Cure Garlic Plus. We hooked a few more rainbows about the same size. The water temp was 45 degrees. We ended up fishing for only an hour and a half before heading to Trinity Lake.

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Lake Shasta

We had such a great day Saturday on Trinity Lake we thought we would give Shasta Lake a try today. We launched at Jones Valley about 9 AM. Started fishing inside the cove of Jones Valley, as soon as all four lines were in the water we got a hit. A few small rainbows and then we started getting into some nice rainbows up to 18 inches. We were trolling Captain America & Orange/Gold Humdingers topped with Pro-Cure Garlic Plus. Another setup was an Orange Cripplure, which brought in a few nice rainbows all coming from 10 to 25 feet. The water temperature is about 50 degrees. For the middle of January the weather is beautiful, another great day on the water

Hot Bite at Trinity Lake

After a 3 ½ drive we arrived at Trinity Lake Launch Ramp, which looked like a ice skating rink due to the ice. After launching we headed toward the dam and started trolling just outside of Papoose Arm. After about and hour into fishing, we weren’t having much luck. We headed up the Papoose Arm where we spotted bait suspended at 50 to 70 feet. We dropped a couple of lines to 60 feet and immediately hooked up a nice 3 lb Salmon. From that point on it was non-stop action with Salmon coming from 60 feet. We ended the day with boating over 15 Salmon up to 4.75 and a half dozen small rainbows. The hot setup of the day was UV Sling Blade and a White Pee Wee Hoochie covered in Pro-Cure Bloody Tuna.