5/22/14 Stampede Kokanee

When I left Grass Valley at 3:45 AM this morning it was clear and warm. When I got to the summit it was raining. You can never tell what the weather will be on the other side of the summit. After putting on the rain gear we headed out in search of the schools of Stampede Kokanee. The big school I had been working for the last couple weeks had moved, we didn’t go far before we found another school in front of the Island. We started hooking Kokanee at 25 to 30 feet deep. The action wasn’t as fast as it had been but given the fact the wind was blowing making it hard to keep trolling speed at the right spot and the dark clouds and barometer doing who knows what…we did good. We had three limits of Kokanee cleaned and bagged within a couple hours. The tackle we were using was a Sep’s Watermelon Dodger with a Green and Pink RMT Assassin spinner and a Dick Night Pink Splatter Dodger with the same spinner were the best today. Our corn was Shoepeg Corn cured with Pautzke Fire Cure. The fish today averaged 12 to 13 inches. They were not big but fat good eating Kokanee.



5/20/14 Lake Oroville Fishing

Doug and David from Durham with four of the 6 Landlocked King Salmon we took from Lake Oroville Fishing today. We lost one other salmon and released a small bass. We ended up with two Coho’s the largest 23″ and four Kings. The bite was a little off today. Fel good that we got what we did.



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5/19/14 Lake Tahoe Mackinaw Fishing

A few great photos of Country Artist Brett Eldredge up at Lake Tahoe. Watch for the Full Story in the next issue of The Fish Sniffer Magazine with Captain Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service! Thanks to Danny Lloyd of The Fish Sniffer and Bryon Kennedy from KNCI 105.1 FM Sacramento. www.FishTightLines.com

This video was after the wind came up and pretty much blew us off the water. http://youtu.be/7DCa-6ZVRZw

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5/16/14 Stampede Kokanee Fishing

Today we head to Stampede Kokanee Fishing. We launched at 6:00 AM and headed towards the Island. We dropped two lines down to 30’ and one top line. Within a couple minutes we had fish on. By 8:15 AM we had 14 Kokanee up to 13” and one Rainbow in the box and lost another eight or so. The best depth today was 26’ to 35’, we did get a few on the top line as well. Sep’s Watermelon Dodger and a RMT Assassin spinner tipped with pink Pautzke Fire Corn was the hot set up today. Launching wasn’t a problem. They have cleaned up the ramp and it helped a lot. You will still be launching in the mud but it’s better than it was last week. I was able to launch without four-wheel drive today. www.FishtTightLines.com

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5/14/14 Davis Lake Fishing

Every year myself and a few other guides take a large group out for a couple days on Davis Lake Fishing. Most of these guys are not early risers so the normal launching time is around 8:00 AM. This year Camp 5 was the only ramp open and man was it packed! We started trolling right outside the ramp pulling the traditional tackle we normally run on Davis, Copper/Red Wee Dick Nights, Needle Fish, Copper Red Sep’s Secrets and Flies. The bite had been very good the day before, however, on this day it was starting off slow. Checking with three other guides there were only a couple rainbow trout landed between 4 guide boats after the fist hour. As the day went on the bite started picking up. My boat ended the day with 9 rainbow trout, 2 of which we released due the their small size. Our biggest rainbow trout of the day was 18 3/4 “. Overall it was a great day on Davis Lake. The fish we kept were all nice healthy rainbow trout, the meat on these fish were red and firm. Every one of our rainbow trout was caught on a red dot frog Needle Fish from 6’ deep to 25’ deep. We caught rainbow trout on both sides of the island, along the west side of the lake by Camp 5 and just North of the Island. The water temp was 57 degrees in the morning. I didn’t fish it on Thursday, the guides that stayed said it was a slow start again this morning. We all try to guess what caused the bite to go from very good to slow. Who knows the real reason but a couple facts for sure is the number of boats on the water the last couple days definitely increased and the moon was big and bright. I’m sure the bite will pick up again as the moon darkens, but regardless when you can catch a few fat 18” rainbow trout on a lake as beautiful as Davis Lake…it’s hard to complain. www.FishTightLines.com

5/13/14 Lake Oroville Fishing

We started off this morning at Lake Oroville Fishing along the dam and worked that area for about an hour without a touch. Just a few days ago, we did very well in a this area. Watching a couple other boats not having any luck, we decided to run up the river a ways based on a tip. We dropped in and it wasn’t long before we had our first fish. We worked this area and ended up with a 22″ Coho Salmon, 2 King Salmon and 2 Bass that we released. We also lost two other fish in the same area. We moved back out to the main body of the lake and landed another King Salmon. After working our way back to the dam without another touch we decided to take some pictures, clean fish and call it a day. Just after cleaning the four we had in the box we landed another King Salmon. It wasn’t a red hot bite, however, based on reports from others, we did pretty good. There was a little club tournament going on that had a total of eight fish weighed in. I couldn’t get a hit on spoons or bait today. All of our fish were caught on Berkley Gulp Minnows behind large Pro Troll Flashers. Our best depths were 36 to 45 feet deep.


Jeff Smith of Sacramento

oroville     coho

5/10/14 Stampede Reservoir Kokanee

Stampede Reservoir Kokanee is still fast and furious. The fish are not huge but non stop action. We landed 25 and lost another dozen or so before 9:30 this morning. Todays fish size averaged 12″. Top producer today was Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master and RMT Assassin spinner tipped with Pautzke Fire Cured corn. We caught fish from the surface to 30 feet deep. 



5/9/14 Lake Oroville King Salmon

We did a scouting trip on Lake Oroville King Salmon with Paul and Cal from The Fish Sniffer. We caught King Salmon up to 20 inches. The Kings were all nice fish that fought hard. Watch for the full story in the next issue of The Fish Sniffer. www.FishTightLines.com

Big King Salmon Are Biting At Lake Oroville. See Captain Rick Kennedy and Team Fish Sniffer On The Water In Action!!!!

Click on the link to watch the video Lake Oroville King Salmon

fish1     fish2


5/7/14 Law Enforcement Training Day

Captain Rick Kennedy had the opportunity to attend a Law Enforcement training at Brannan Island SRA today to demo the Lowrance Structure Scan. California Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Coast Guard and Sheriff Department’s from as far away as Kings County attended. I got to check out a lot of cool equipment and meet a lot of the local Coast Guard and Sheriff Department Marine employees. Thanks to Lowrance for the opportunity to be involved toady. www.FishTightLines
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5/3/14 Stampede Reservoir

We fished Stampede Reservoir. today for the first time in over a month. We started at 6:00 AM and decided to make a pass or two for Mackinaw before targeting Kokanee. It wasn’t long before the wind started and the forecast called for some pretty strong wind later in the day.  We figured we better go load up on some Kokanee before the wind got too bad.  As soon as we dropped our gear in we started hooking up.  We spent most of our time right in front of the island in about 60’ of water.  We ran two lines on downriggers behind Shark Cannonballs and one top line straight off the back of the boat. We hooked fish from the surface to 45’ deep. We ran three different set ups and they all did well.  Our set ups were a Sep’s Strike Master (watermelon color) with a Uncle Larry’s Pink Tiger, a Sep’s 4/0 Watermelon Dodger with a Uncle Larry’s Pink Tiger and the third was a Dick Night Pink Dodger and a RMT Assassin spinner on the top line. We used Abu Garcia 4600 reels loaded with 6# Trilene. Everything was tipped with Shoepeg Corn that I cured with pink Pautzke Fire Cure.  The bite was as good as it gets. We landed 18 Kokanee between 6:30 AM and 8:37 AM and lost more than we landed. It was a fast and crazy bite. I even caught 3 for myself to take home for dinner. These Kokanee went big; the average fish size today was 12” but fat and clean fish.

Launching is not a problem, however, I recommend four wheel drive if your boat is very heavy. The water is down far enough that all four of your tires will likely be in the mud. I had no issues launching today.


Left to right, Biff Brethour, Anthony Dukes and Garry Dukes all of Cool.

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