6/22/14 Stampede Kokanee Fishing

Stampede Kokanee Fishing

We spent the last couple days on Stampede Kokanee Fishing. Once again we found some great action. The fish average 13” but are full of fight and make fantastic table fare. The water continues to drop and the big schools of fish we found over the last couple weeks have all scattered. The Kokanee are pretty much scattered all over the lake. The best location we have found the last couple days was right in front of the boat ramp. Copper Dodgers seem to be the ticket for us with Pink Radical Glow Tubes. For some reason the spinner and bug bite has slowed way down. All our lures have been tipped with Pautzke Fire Corn in either Pink or Natural colors. We have been getting at least one or two calls a day asking about the boat ramp. There are a lot of opinions about the launching conditions. As of today I can tell you I have pulled several two wheel drive trucks out before I could launch or recover my boat. I don’t advise trying with two-wheel drive unless the water comes up. The people with four-wheel drive haven’t had a issue so far. As of today the water is a foot below any concrete ramp. I have attached a couple pictures that I hope will help paint the real picture of the launching conditions. For more information about booking a Stampede Kokanee Fishing trip contact Captain Rick Kennedy at www.FishTightLines.com or call (888) 975=0990.

Pictured left to right: Mackay, Eugene Hari, Ronald Fong, Bruce Yoshimura

Stampede Kokanee     IMG_4475

6/22/14 Stampede Reservoir     6/22/14 Stampede Reservoir