Lake Oroville

We went out today with our client Steve Mothersell in his Rogue Jet, he wanted me to show him how some of his equipment works. We launched at the spillway ramp around 6:30 AM. We didnt get 50 yards from the ramp and I was showing Steve what the action of a Sling Blade should look like when we hooked about a 14″ Coho, our lure wasnt 10 from the boat. We knew then it was going to be a hot bite. Needless to say, we hooked fish non stop. We put 10 Cohos in the ice chest for table fare with the biggest going about 16.5″. All these fish were stuffed with pound smelt. We hooked all our fish in the top 10 of water on 6″ UV Glow Sling Blades and white Hoochies with Pro Cure Anchovy scent. These fish are growing fast and Oroville will only get better in the weeks to come.

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