Folsom Kings


Spent half a day on another clients boat as he hired me to teach him several techniques and a little on his Lowrance unit.  We tried many techniques, most of them unsuccessful today.  What worked for us today was a 3″ Berkley Gulp minnow behind a large ProTroll flasher.  Trolling speed was 1.5 mph on the GPS down 40′ in less than 80′ of water.  We were risking the shallower water with Shark cannonballs.  There are bait balls all over the lake, mainly down 60-80′.  What I was searching for were bait balls a bit shallower and we found a couple in the flats next to the dam.  They were down about 20′.  We tried them at 4 different depths and only the 40 footer caught one.  What was not big numbers, a fat 22″ King made up for.  This lake is unusually slow for this time of year but after talking to the biologist for this lake, I understand.  Due to the drought and warm water, the American River hatchery was forced to close last year so they did not have the fish to stock the lake this year.  A plant was made last week but it was smaller than normal and fish size was well below normal.  This being a State Park lake, they do not purchase fish from private hatcheries.  The biologist believes the plant of sub catchable Eagle Lake Rainbows and sub catchable Kings is still on schedule.  We’ll hope that happens.  To book a trip with Capt. Fishin James with Tight Lines Guide Service, click on the link  or call 888-975-0990



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