Salmon Fishing Oct 4-12

Salmon fishing oct 4-12 Moved the boat out of the slip at Miller Park to my house to allow me to be more mobile and headed to Verona where I heard the fishing was better.  It was.  I went scouting on Saturday Oct 4th and got on the water about 7:30am.  By 7:45 I had our first fish in the boat.  Within 2 hours we had boated 2 fish and lost a hog.  That was enough for me.  Got on the phone and called my clients that were waiting for a good report.

Sun Oct 5 Took a father/7yr old son trip out and after a slow start, boated our first fish at 9am.  Within 2 hours we had limits and then clients said they wanted to net a fish.  So I got to fight the next one.  By 11am, we had 5 fish!!!!  Great day!!!

Mon Oct 6  Wow!!!  All the fish that were holding the past few days are gone.  We had a hit/no stick and that was all.

Tue Oct 7  Boated a nice 18 pound buck after first light then another fish lost after a short run.

Wed Oct 8  2 fish boated

Thur Oct 9  3 fish boated, 3 lost.

Fri Oct 10  Sacramento Bee reported that the fishing was red hot at Verona and I think all the fisherman in Sacramento heard that.  It was a zoo out there.  Must have been 50-60 boats.  Looked like the Pacific Ocean with very rough water.  Got the big skunk!!!  Had a couple hits/no sticks

Sat Oct 11  5 other guides working the area today.  Got a fish early and that was it.  Heard of only a few caught.

Sun Oct 12 Forcasted to be a very windy day, I got a deck hand to help today.  Boy was it windy.  Probably 20mph sustained with 30mph gusts.  2 fish boated and 4 hit/no sticks

All fish caught on Silvertrons.  Lots of hit/no sticks.  Very unusual for spinners.  Spinners have about an 80% hook up ratio but not this week.  Trolling speed was between 3-3.2 mph down stream.  Hot spinners were glow and blue with silver blades and blue with UV blades

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