8/11/13 Stampede Kokanee

We had a group of three today in search of Stampede Kokanee. I elected to start down by the dam based on the previous days results. The fish were stacked in the area but man did they have lockjaw. We picked up a fish every now and then, but it was anything but red-hot. It seemed like everyone I talked to had the same results. After a couple hours we moved back over between the island and the rock pile and started picking up some fish that were sitting right on the bottom in 55 to 60 feet of water. My Chrome Shark Cannonballs now have a beat-up nose but that’s what we had to do to get our fish. The fish we got off the bottom were a little nicer fish. We sent our clients home with one short of limits. The set up of choice was once again the Sep’s Gold Starlight Dodger and an Uncle Larry’s Pink Spinner. We also caught a couple on a Pink/Silver Fish Flash with the same Spinner and Corn was Pautzke Can-O-Corn with some Smelly Jelly Sticky Shrimp scent added in. The lake level is dropping quite a bit everyday and the water was 3 degrees colder this morning.  I’m guessing that’s what has the fish scattered and the bite not too consistent.  Taking Monday off and back up to Stampede and Tahoe starting Tuesday…

8/5/13 Lake Tahoe Kokanee and Mackinaw

We spent today targeting Lake Tahoe Kokanee on the South Shore. We launched at Cave Rock at 6:00 AM. We were marking fish between 80 and 100 feet on our Lowrance HDS 12. We dropped a Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master with a RMT Assassin Spinner tipped with Shoepeg corn cured with Pautzke Fire Cure. We were hooked up within a few minutes. After a short fight we lost that one along with the next 7 or 8 fish. About that time we hooked and landed a nice Mack on the same Kokanee gear.  Finally, we started sticking the Kokanee. On our way back we stopped off by Cave Rock and fished for Lake Tahoe Mackinaw.  We ended the day with limits of Lake Tahoe Kokanee and two Mackinaw. I lost count of how many Kokanee we lost but it was a bunch. The Kokanee today averaged 14″ however. one of the ones we lost at the boat was a good 17″ fish.

IMG_3617     IMG_3614     ftl_gallery_rick_tahoe

7/27/13 Sacramento River Salmon

After spending the last couple days in Medford Oregon, we took advantage of a free day today and hit the Sacramento River with friends Mike Tripp and his son Ryan. We started off fishing T55 Flat Fish for the first couple hours. We had one quick grab that lasted a split second. After the sun hit the water we switched over to dragging roe. It wasn’t long before we landed a nice bright Salmon that I would guess was about 12 pounds. We continued working our way down the river working different holes along the way. We hooked up again and after a couple minutes this one threw the hook. At the next hole, Ryan hooked into a nice fish that gave him a good fight. His fish weighed in at 25.11 pounds. We worked a few more spots without any action. All in all, it was a great day! We got to see quite a few fish rolling in the morning and ended the day with two nice bright fish. Our roe today was cured with Pautzke Fire Cure. We used two different colors. One was just plain red and the other was a 50/50 mix of red and orange. The mixed cure seemed to be the one they wanted today. We will be at Stampede for the next few days before returning to the river.

Tresa Kennedy, Tight Lines Guide Service                                         Ryan Tripp, Oroville & Captain Rick Kennedy