7/27/13 Sacramento River Salmon

After spending the last couple days in Medford Oregon, we took advantage of a free day today and hit the Sacramento River with friends Mike Tripp and his son Ryan. We started off fishing T55 Flat Fish for the first couple hours. We had one quick grab that lasted a split second. After the sun hit the water we switched over to dragging roe. It wasn’t long before we landed a nice bright Salmon that I would guess was about 12 pounds. We continued working our way down the river working different holes along the way. We hooked up again and after a couple minutes this one threw the hook. At the next hole, Ryan hooked into a nice fish that gave him a good fight. His fish weighed in at 25.11 pounds. We worked a few more spots without any action. All in all, it was a great day! We got to see quite a few fish rolling in the morning and ended the day with two nice bright fish. Our roe today was cured with Pautzke Fire Cure. We used two different colors. One was just plain red and the other was a 50/50 mix of red and orange. The mixed cure seemed to be the one they wanted today. We will be at Stampede for the next few days before returning to the river.

Tresa Kennedy, Tight Lines Guide Service                                         Ryan Tripp, Oroville & Captain Rick Kennedy



7/13/13 Lake Tahoe and Stampede Reservoir

tlgsTight Lines Guide Service spent Wednesday 7/10/13 through Friday 7/12/12 on Lake  Tahoe and today Saturday 7/14/13 on Stampede Reservoir.

On Lake Tahoe we spent most of our time on the North Shore.  Thursday was our best day with larger Mackinaw. We found the best bite straight out from Tahoe City. We caught our fish trolling spoons at depths of 180 to 300 feet.

Saturday we worked Stampede Reservoir for Kokanee. Our clients didn’t want to start until 8:00 AM so I went out by myself at 6AM and fished for fun. In no time I had my five Kokanee. I fished behind the island and found fish right on the bottom in 40’ of water. After our clients showed up we fish the launch ramp side of island. There was several big schools of fish in that area. The best producer on Stampede today was a Sep’s Watermelons Strike Master Dodger and a RMT Crystal Watermelon Assassin Spinner and the same Watermelon Strike Master Dodger and a Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger Spinner. All our lures were tipped with the new (soon to be released) Pautzke Shoepeg Can O Corn. This is something new that comes in several of your favorite colors.  The average size of our fish toady was 12” with one that was 14”. The water temp at Stampede is running around 68 degrees.

Lake Tahoe Kokanee

We are about two weeks out from getting our new boat, we’ve had a wedding party booked for the pastrick1 several months, so we asked Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service  to take us and our clients out today. Lori Burkhart and Adam Marshall of Oklahoma are getting married. They took their fathers Jerry Burkhart and Kevin Marshall and their brother Mark Maier fishing on Lake Tahoe. We left Cave Rock at 6 AM and headed to over to Camp Richardson. The Kokanee action was great! The fish were between 35 and 65 feet deep, the best producing lures was a Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master Dodger and an Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger all tipped with Patuzke’s Fire Cured Pink Corn. The majority of the fish were 13 to 14 inches in fat and in good shape! We kept limits for all five clients and released a few more. Congratulations to Lori and Adam on their upcoming wedding!

5/6/13 Lake Berryessa

We headed out from Markley Cove a little after 6:00 AM. The water temp was 67 degrees as we went by the houseboats. We headed straight out to the Big Island and focused on Kokanee. We hooked a few fish but they just wouldn’t stick. Finally, we ended up by the Ranch House where we landed a Rainbow. We worked this area and again had hook ups that didn’t stick. We kept working the general area of the Ranch House and the Big Island. Finally we landed some nice Kokanee just south of the Big Island. We decided to head back into the narrows and look for some Kings. We dropped in just short of the dam and it wasn’t long before we had a nice King in the box. About that time the wind came up and the sky started turning black. We could hear thunder and saw a couple flashes of lightening in the distance, that’s when we decided to troll are way in. It wasn’t a red-hot day but all in all is was a good day given the weather. We caught fish on a few different set ups which included Sep’s 3/0 Silver Starlight with a Berkley Gulp Minnow on a 18” leader, Sep’s 3/0 Fruit Bowl Dodger and a White Uncle Larry’s Squid. 4/0 Pink/White Sep’s Dodger and an Uncle Larry’s Pink Tiger, Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master with a Glow Hoochie. We also rolled Pautzke Fire Brined Shad and Anchovies. We hooked fish on bait but couldn’t get them to stick. For the Kokanee we used Shoepeg Corn cured in Pink Pautzke Fire Cure. We hooked or caught fish from 2’ to 110” today. Crazy day trying to figure out what they wanted.

Pictured is Michael Vaumgartner from Richmond

4/27/13 Lake Berryessa


We fished Berryessa today for the first time in several months. Launched a Markley Cove at 6:00 AM. I was a little early, so I made a few cast with a P-Line Laser Minnow and hooked a few small Bass on every cast. Once we took off we started trolling just outside the CIFFI Pen’s. Based on some reports the Kings had been in that area last week. We worked our way out to the Dam and continued on for about ¼ mile. We rolled Pautzke Fire Brined Shad and Anchovies, used Sep’s Dodgers and Hoochies without a touch. As we were going past the houseboats earlier we noticed bait boiling around the docks. We decided to go back and see if we could find some Kings in all that bait. We mooched right up next to the houseboats again without a bite. I broke out the P-Line Laser Minnows that were on light spinning rod and the fun began. We lost count of the number of bass we landed. It was crazy. I’m not a bass guy but have to admit it was a blast. We picked up and headed back out to the area of the Dam. Along the way we stopped and checked in with another guide buddy. He had a couple Kings that he caught on a 2/0 Sep’s Silver Starlight and a white Hoochie. We called it a day around noon with one hit on the last troll and a good time with a bunch of bass. All the fish today were safely released after a couple photos.

Pictured is Steve Mothersell

4/26/13 Lake Tahoe Mack’s

We launched at Cave Rock State Park to accommodate our group of six that were staying at Zephyr Cove. We were launched, paperwork done and ready to fish just after 6:00 AM. We discussed starting on the East shore for rainbows and browns or head straight to the deep water and try to load up on Mack’s. Everyone was in agreement to go for the Mack’s. After little boat ride we dropped our spoons down to a bunch of schooled fish that were 260 to 300 feet deep.  We started off with a double. These first two fish came on White Glow Spoon’s 5’ off the bottom. From that point on we continued to land fish using the white spoons and Sep’s Glow Pro Secrets. We also lost couple along the way. These guys didn’t want to keep any fish so everything was released today.  After everyone had their share of reeling these fish in from 300’ we decided to hit the shallow water and troll our way back to Cave Rock. I would guess the average fish today was around 3 pounds with a couple that went 5 to 6 pounds. During the time we were on the lake today it was like glass and the water temperature was running 42 to 43 degrees.

Pictured is George Branco from Lodi

Lake Tahoe Report for the Week of 4/15/13

We are done with Sport Shows and now its time to fish! We were on Lake Tahoe a couple days this week. We experienced the normal steady Mackinaw bite off Cal Neva Point. We caught Mackinaw each day in 250 to 300 feet of water on Spoons. The average size was 2 to 5 pounds.  #3 Green Needlefish and Sep’s Glow Green Secrets seemed to be the best lure for us this week, covered with Pautzke Krill.
We also spent some time on the Nevada side of Cal Neva point, Dollar Point and a little time down south. We caught Mackinaw in all three of these locations pulling Rapala’s. We landed a couple nice rainbows off Dollar Point as well. Not big but very nice bright fish.


Photos is from Saturday 4/20/13

Left to right Esperanza Ross and Brian Flaherty of Sacramento



Working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife

Today Ed Fisk and Myself took Kasie Barnes out on Bullard’s Bar. Kasie is the Coldwater Specialist for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Kasie e-mailed me a couple days ago asking if I knew where we could get a few Kokanee this time of the year for a project she was getting ready to start. My boat was sealed for Lake Tahoe so I called fellow Guide and friend Ed Fisk of Fish Tales Guide Service. I knew Ed had just caught a few Kokanee at Bullard’s Bar. Knowing the size of Kokanee at Bullard’s were going to be small I check with Kasie regarding the size. All she needed was Kokanee regardless of size. We Launched at Dark Day a little after 7:00 AM and spent our time on the water in the same area. We caught fish from the surface down to 40+ feet. It seemed like the best producer was a Sep’s Goldstar Dodger with a Pink Uncle Larry’s spinner. We put 9 in the box and lost at least 15 more. Keeping these little guys on the hook was a challenge. My thanks to Ed for helping us out with this project today. Attached is a little video explaining what this was all about. Click on this link to view the video Bullard’s Bar Kokanee

3/18/13 Stampede Reservoir

IMG_31191Today, we made our first trip to Stampede, the news traveled fast that it was open. The road was clear with only a couple patches of snow. The ramp was in good shape other than a little ice but nothing a 4×4 couldn’t handle. We launched about 6:30 AM and headed straight across from the ramp and started fishing the same are we hooked all the nice Mack’s last year.  We made a couple quick passes before quickly switching over to Rapala’s and targeting browns. We gave this a couple hours without and hits. The lake was like glass. We switched back to Pro Troll Sting Fish and worked our way back into 60’ of water. At 10:00 with still no fish in the box I was getting concerned that it was going to be one of those days. About then, we got a little breeze and a ripple on the water and that’s all it took. Before we knew it we had 5 Mack’s in the box. The biggest was 10lb.The other weighed in at 9.5 lb, 9 lb, 5 lb and one that went about 2 to 3 pounds. All these fish were caught on a size 15 Pro Troll Sting Fish fishing the bottom in 60’ of water. Three of these fish were stuffed with 6” Kokanee. The water temp started out around 37 however we found 42-degree water in the shallows behind the island.

2/16/13 Lake Tahoe

Fred Solari and Ed Noceti, both from Stockton, booked two days on Lake Tahoe, since we had such a phenomenal day catching Mackinaw on Friday, 2/15  we decided to start out fishing for Browns and Rainbows on Saturday, 2/16. We headed straight over to the East side of the lake around Sand Harbor. We were pulling F-18 Rapala’s and one Indilure spoon. Within 10 minutes we landed and released a rainbow that went about 4 pounds, he hit the F-18 Rapala. Before long we hooked another fish on the Indilure. This felt like a very nice fish, however, it got off before we could get a look at it. The next fish also took the Indilure. It was a Mack that weighed about 3 pounds. After a couple hours we headed back over towards Carnelian Bay and started fishing deeper for Mack’s. The bite was nothing like the day before. We ended up landing and releasing 11 Mackinaw. Two of the fish went just under six pounds and the rest were in the 3 to 4 pound range. The fish were taken on Glow Sep’s Secret’s and Needlefish at 260’ deep in 300’ of water.