Red Hot Kokanee Bite at Stampede Reservoir

Not many other lakes throughout California can say that 75-100 fish by late morning is the norm.  Non stop action is to be had at the beautiful gem of a reservoir nestled about 15 mins northeast of Truckee.  Currently I’m mainly fishing Stampede Reservoir due to the incredible catch ratio and the lack of heavy boating pressure.  Typically we see Bald Eagles and Ospreys diving down to grab a quick meal everyday.  And, oh yes, the fishing is spectacular!!!!  I do not update these fishing reports regularly as its much easier to report on my facebook page Tight Lines Guide Service.

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deckfull of Stampede Kokanee 6/29/19

6/19/14 Lake Tahoe Kokanee Fishing

Lake Tahoe Kokanee Fishing

We fished Lake Tahoe today with John and Scott Harmer. We launched at Cave Rock and ran over to the South Shore in search of Kokanee. We found a couple small schools and landed a few up to 18″. I was surprised to hook fish from 30″ to 75″. The Kokanee were caught on Sep’s 4/0 dodgers and RMT Assassin Spinners tipped with Natural Pautzke Fire Corn.  On the way back we stopped in front of Cave Rock and made a couple passes for Mackinaw. We landed one per pass on Glow spoons in 200′ of water.  If you would like to book a Lake Tahoe Kokanee Fishing trip click on the link for more or call (888) 975-0990.

Scott Harmer of Hong Kong with two of the Kokanee we caught today.

Lake Tahoe Kokanee

5/19/14 Lake Tahoe Mackinaw Fishing

A few great photos of Country Artist Brett Eldredge up at Lake Tahoe. Watch for the Full Story in the next issue of The Fish Sniffer Magazine with Captain Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service! Thanks to Danny Lloyd of The Fish Sniffer and Bryon Kennedy from KNCI 105.1 FM Sacramento.

This video was after the wind came up and pretty much blew us off the water.

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IMG_4315     IMG_4298-2

5/1/14 Lake Tahoe Lake Trout

We fished out of Cave Rock and focused on that side of the lake. We spent a little time fishing the shallows for rainbows before moving to deeper water to target the famous Lake Tahoe Lake Trout. We found piles of fish where we started hooking fish at 190 to 260 feet deep. All our fish were caught on glow in the dark spoons trolling 1.6 mph right on the bottom. As a side note, as you can see from this picture the lake was absolutely like glass. As I came by the Truckee Airport at 4:30 AM the thermometer on my truck said 21 degrees. The same spot on my way home at 3:30 PM it was 69 degrees a 48 degree swing.
Dan Baxter and James Abram hold the four Lake Trout they took home for dinner.

8/28/13 Lake Tahoe

Over three months ago we booked a fishing trip for a Vietnam Veteran’s Group having a reunion in Lake Tahoe. We had enough anglers to fill two boats, we got Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service to help us out. Unfortunately, there has been a couple of fires, the American Fire and the Rim Fire, so Lake Tahoe was very smokey. We gave the men the option to cancel but they were troopers and still wanted to fish.
We launch out of Cave Rock at 6 AM and headed towards Camp Richardson. The Kokanee were down between 90 and 110 feet, we used a variety of Dodgers and Spinners and Shoepeg corn cured with Pautzke’s Fire Cure. A few Kokes were already starting to turn red. Despite the smokey conditions it turned out to be a great day, the wind came up and we were just a couple fish shy of our limits for everyone.





8/5/13 Lake Tahoe Kokanee and Mackinaw

We spent today targeting Lake Tahoe Kokanee on the South Shore. We launched at Cave Rock at 6:00 AM. We were marking fish between 80 and 100 feet on our Lowrance HDS 12. We dropped a Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master with a RMT Assassin Spinner tipped with Shoepeg corn cured with Pautzke Fire Cure. We were hooked up within a few minutes. After a short fight we lost that one along with the next 7 or 8 fish. About that time we hooked and landed a nice Mack on the same Kokanee gear.  Finally, we started sticking the Kokanee. On our way back we stopped off by Cave Rock and fished for Lake Tahoe Mackinaw.  We ended the day with limits of Lake Tahoe Kokanee and two Mackinaw. I lost count of how many Kokanee we lost but it was a bunch. The Kokanee today averaged 14″ however. one of the ones we lost at the boat was a good 17″ fish.

IMG_3617     IMG_3614     ftl_gallery_rick_tahoe

7/13/13 Lake Tahoe and Stampede Reservoir

tlgsTight Lines Guide Service spent Wednesday 7/10/13 through Friday 7/12/12 on Lake  Tahoe and today Saturday 7/14/13 on Stampede Reservoir.

On Lake Tahoe we spent most of our time on the North Shore.  Thursday was our best day with larger Mackinaw. We found the best bite straight out from Tahoe City. We caught our fish trolling spoons at depths of 180 to 300 feet.

Saturday we worked Stampede Reservoir for Kokanee. Our clients didn’t want to start until 8:00 AM so I went out by myself at 6AM and fished for fun. In no time I had my five Kokanee. I fished behind the island and found fish right on the bottom in 40’ of water. After our clients showed up we fish the launch ramp side of island. There was several big schools of fish in that area. The best producer on Stampede today was a Sep’s Watermelons Strike Master Dodger and a RMT Crystal Watermelon Assassin Spinner and the same Watermelon Strike Master Dodger and a Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger Spinner. All our lures were tipped with the new (soon to be released) Pautzke Shoepeg Can O Corn. This is something new that comes in several of your favorite colors.  The average size of our fish toady was 12” with one that was 14”. The water temp at Stampede is running around 68 degrees.

Lake Tahoe Kokanee

We are about two weeks out from getting our new boat, we’ve had a wedding party booked for the pastrick1 several months, so we asked Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service  to take us and our clients out today. Lori Burkhart and Adam Marshall of Oklahoma are getting married. They took their fathers Jerry Burkhart and Kevin Marshall and their brother Mark Maier fishing on Lake Tahoe. We left Cave Rock at 6 AM and headed to over to Camp Richardson. The Kokanee action was great! The fish were between 35 and 65 feet deep, the best producing lures was a Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master Dodger and an Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger all tipped with Patuzke’s Fire Cured Pink Corn. The majority of the fish were 13 to 14 inches in fat and in good shape! We kept limits for all five clients and released a few more. Congratulations to Lori and Adam on their upcoming wedding!

Lake Tahoe Report for the Week of 4/15/13

We are done with Sport Shows and now its time to fish! We were on Lake Tahoe a couple days this week. We experienced the normal steady Mackinaw bite off Cal Neva Point. We caught Mackinaw each day in 250 to 300 feet of water on Spoons. The average size was 2 to 5 pounds.  #3 Green Needlefish and Sep’s Glow Green Secrets seemed to be the best lure for us this week, covered with Pautzke Krill.
We also spent some time on the Nevada side of Cal Neva point, Dollar Point and a little time down south. We caught Mackinaw in all three of these locations pulling Rapala’s. We landed a couple nice rainbows off Dollar Point as well. Not big but very nice bright fish.


Photos is from Saturday 4/20/13

Left to right Esperanza Ross and Brian Flaherty of Sacramento



3/15/2013 Lake Tahoe

 We launched at Lake Forest a little after 6:00 AM and headed straight over to Sand Harbor. Our plan was to fish for brown’s for a couple hours before moving out to deeper water for Mack’s. We pulled a variety of Rapala’s along with some Indilure Spoons. We were also trying out some new Abu Garcia 5500 LC reels with 30-pound Spiderwire Stealth Braid with 12-pound Trilene 100{7a4ac4d41b4460d34b281f63b723a7d44734ea67a7ce96d64bb383ade0b55738} Fluorocarbon. We worked the east shore hard until about 11:00 AM with only one fish, a Mack going about 3 lbs. We decided to switch gears and move out to deeper water off Cal Neva Point where we picked up our limits of Mack’s. The size was nothing special today with our biggest fish going about 4 pounds. We got our Mack’s down 200 to 280 feet on spoons.

Left to right
Lou Norton, Dan Wolfe, Walt Hodnett Jr. and Bill McInerney