10/20/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Metro Area)

It was a slow start to the morning, then I figured out why? Bananas on the boat???


Sacramento River Salmon Fishing…some of my best days on the water, when I was cleaning fish I turn around to see everyone eating a banana. I know some take this serious but I have fun with it. We ended the day with one fish per rod (3) which was a good average from what I saw and what I was told by others. The best part of the whole day was the joking about the bananas and the fact that all three of these guys caught their first King Salmon. These guys took the ribbing well and did a great job today. We trolled Flat Fish down river in the Sacramento Metro area.

Pictured below are Tom Heffernan of Shingle Springs, Bill Davis and Robin Sutton from Grass Valley

10/16/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Metro)

Today we returned to the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Metro area) with our clients Lincoln Okada and his son Calvin. It didn’t take long before we were hooked up and Calvin landed his first Salmon. The bite was good for the first hour or so and then the boat traffic got pretty heavy and things seemed to slow down. Once again, we caught some salmon that were very bright and clean.

We are off to the Delta to chase Stripers for the next couple days before returning to the Sacramento River.

Calvin with his first ever King Salmon


Lincoln and Calvin Okada from Penn Valley with limits this morning


10/11/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Tight Lines Guide Service is back up on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing by Butte City. Our clients were Bruce Cobb from Morgan Hill, Christopher Leu, Steve Beale and Scott Stoller all from Pasadena.

All the King Salmon were caught on Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.


10/8/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Clarksburg)

Below is a picture of Dan Vasquez from Antioch on Tuesday 10/8. I had a day with just Dan and we decided to try the Clarksburg area. We had 6 hook ups and Dan landed these two chrome King Salmon. They weren’t the biggest but they sure were bright and produced some beautiful filets. The chrome / green head Yakima Bait M2 Flat Fish wrapped with sardine was the what they wanted on this day. I also tried some T50’s but they didn’t seem to like the larger plugs.  We were using our Abu Garcia 5500 line counter reels teamed up with Berkley IM8 Air Rods to get all the lures working the same distance behind the boat while trolling down Sacramento River Salmon Fishing.


10/6/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Today, we are on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing with Captain Rick Kennedy . He had onboard Johnathan Olsen and his buddy Preston both from Soulsbyville. The King Salmon today was caught on Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.


10/5/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

On our morning trip, we had Doug Hayden, Bill Carbaugh and Tommy Pass all from Meadow Vista. Rick and Doug know each other from years ago when Rick first started guiding on Stampede Reservoir with Ted Samford. They ran into each other at a gas station in Oroville. The guys had a very slow start in the morning on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing, but then moved to another hole and had the rest of their limits in fifteen minutes.

Doug Hayden and Bill Carbaugh

20131005_doug_hayden_sac   20131005_bill_carbaugh_sac

Limits of King Salmon!


10/3/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Tight Lines Guide Service teamed up with Cal Kellogg from the The Fish Sniffer for a day on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing. Cal brought free give aways to the first five anglers to sign up. We had onboard, Ron Berg of Lincoln, Doug Phipott from Modesto, Michael Marsh from Stockton, Wayne Sochrakoff of Eureka and Dennis Hoaas from Redding.

This was a day for huge King Salmon! They were 40+ pounds on down the line. All the Kings were caught using Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.

Pictured Left to Right

Doug, Michael, Dennis, Ron and Wayne


10/2/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

We are on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing with Don and Loretta James of Lancaster CA. They tried all week fishing from the bank without a touch…they had a great trip with Captain Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service.

Loretta with her first King Salmon



Don with his limit of King Salmon


9/30/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

On the Tight Lines Guide Service boat we had two groups a Father and Son and Mother and Son. We were on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing with a steady bite all day . All King Salmon were caught on Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.

Art Thomas Jr and Sr from San Jose

20130929_art_thomas_jr_sac   20130929_art_thomas_sr_sac

Gerry Miller from Paradise and Michael Rameriz from Nevada City

20130929_gerry_miller_sac   20130929_michael_rameriz_sac

Group Photo


9/29/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

We’re on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing today with Paul Sehrt from Danville, Lewis Wessels from Sacramento and Nelson and Winston Paik from Newport Beach. It was forecasted to be a rainy day and we lucked out…no rain and the King Salmon were biting.

(From Left to Right) Nelson and Winston, Paul and Lewis

20130929_nelson_winston_paik_sac   20130929_paul_sehrt_sac   20130929_lewis_wessels_sac

Group Photo