9/25/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

September 25th was a tough day Salmon Fishing Sacramento River. We lost count how many we lost. But, Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish are the ticket.

Ryan Schembri 14 years old with his King Salmon



9/24/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Tight Lines Guide Service was on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing with Larry and Tim. The bite has been a little off since the rain came through.

Larry Hirtzel of Grass Valley with his King Salmon



9/23/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Sacramento River Salmon Fishing today with Captain Rick Kennedy and our Sponsor Darin Houx with his son 10 year old Jackson and a friend. Jackson was lucky enough to catch and release a nice Steelhead.

photo 2

Captain Rick with Jackson’s Steelhead that they released



9/21/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Sacramento River Salmon Fishing in the rain, it shook fishing up a bit. Rick had Edd Allen and his group with us. We managed to catch three nice King Salmon.

Edd Allen with his King Salmon


Robert with a nice King Salmon



9/19/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Pam and Pete Evers on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing with Captain Rick Kennedy. They caught some great King Salmon using Yakima Bait  T-55 Flat Fish.


9/18/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Tight Lines Guide Service had Jacquie Ekstrom and her husband on board today. They both got their limits! Thanks to Jacquie’s cousin David Bonini for referring them to us. We were Salmon Fishing Sacramento River using Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.




9/15/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Today, Salmon Fishing Sacramento River was great! We had a sponsor onboard Chuck Kavros of Top This in Grass Valley. Rene Valdez of Burbank enjoying his second Salmon trip with us and Rick Anderson and his grandson Jeffrey Juowski.



9/14/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Salmon Fishing Sacramento River and we started today day off with a double and had fast action for the first hour and a half. Attached is a picture from today of Jeff Henigan of Elk Grove with a bright 29 pounder caught today on a T-55 Flat Fish. Jef and his brother Marshall have been fishing with Tight Lines for over ten years. Its always a fun day when they get on the boat.

Marshall and Jef Henigan start the morning with double King Salmon in the net.


Jeff with his 29 lb King Salmon


9/13/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Lots more action today Salmon Fishing Sacramento River. Our clients are John and Conner Holman from Genoa NV and Anthony Turley, Bryan Stockton both from Gardnerville NV.

Image 37


Image 40


Image 41


Image 42

9/12/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Another great day on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing. Our clients are all holding limits of beautiful King Salmon.