Salmon Fishing Oct 4-12

Salmon fishing oct 4-12 Moved the boat out of the slip at Miller Park to my house to allow me to be more mobile and headed to Verona where I heard the fishing was better.  It was.  I went scouting on Saturday Oct 4th and got on the water about 7:30am.  By 7:45 I had our first fish in the boat.  Within 2 hours we had boated 2 fish and lost a hog.  That was enough for me.  Got on the phone and called my clients that were waiting for a good report.

Sun Oct 5 Took a father/7yr old son trip out and after a slow start, boated our first fish at 9am.  Within 2 hours we had limits and then clients said they wanted to net a fish.  So I got to fight the next one.  By 11am, we had 5 fish!!!!  Great day!!!

Mon Oct 6  Wow!!!  All the fish that were holding the past few days are gone.  We had a hit/no stick and that was all.

Tue Oct 7  Boated a nice 18 pound buck after first light then another fish lost after a short run.

Wed Oct 8  2 fish boated

Thur Oct 9  3 fish boated, 3 lost.

Fri Oct 10  Sacramento Bee reported that the fishing was red hot at Verona and I think all the fisherman in Sacramento heard that.  It was a zoo out there.  Must have been 50-60 boats.  Looked like the Pacific Ocean with very rough water.  Got the big skunk!!!  Had a couple hits/no sticks

Sat Oct 11  5 other guides working the area today.  Got a fish early and that was it.  Heard of only a few caught.

Sun Oct 12 Forcasted to be a very windy day, I got a deck hand to help today.  Boy was it windy.  Probably 20mph sustained with 30mph gusts.  2 fish boated and 4 hit/no sticks

All fish caught on Silvertrons.  Lots of hit/no sticks.  Very unusual for spinners.  Spinners have about an 80% hook up ratio but not this week.  Trolling speed was between 3-3.2 mph down stream.  Hot spinners were glow and blue with silver blades and blue with UV blades

Lake Tahoe Kokanee

We are about two weeks out from getting our new boat, we’ve had a wedding party booked for the pastrick1 several months, so we asked Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service  to take us and our clients out today. Lori Burkhart and Adam Marshall of Oklahoma are getting married. They took their fathers Jerry Burkhart and Kevin Marshall and their brother Mark Maier fishing on Lake Tahoe. We left Cave Rock at 6 AM and headed to over to Camp Richardson. The Kokanee action was great! The fish were between 35 and 65 feet deep, the best producing lures was a Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master Dodger and an Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger all tipped with Patuzke’s Fire Cured Pink Corn. The majority of the fish were 13 to 14 inches in fat and in good shape! We kept limits for all five clients and released a few more. Congratulations to Lori and Adam on their upcoming wedding!