Red Hot Kokanee Bite at Stampede Reservoir

Not many other lakes throughout California can say that 75-100 fish by late morning is the norm.  Non stop action is to be had at the beautiful gem of a reservoir nestled about 15 mins northeast of Truckee.  Currently I’m mainly fishing Stampede Reservoir due to the incredible catch ratio and the lack of heavy boating pressure.  Typically we see Bald Eagles and Ospreys diving down to grab a quick meal everyday.  And, oh yes, the fishing is spectacular!!!!  I do not update these fishing reports regularly as its much easier to report on my facebook page Tight Lines Guide Service.

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deckfull of Stampede Kokanee 6/29/19

6/30/16 Folsom Lake Trout

6/30/16 Folsom Lake Trout

A client called me the other day and said he was new to the area and wanted to learn the how to fish for Rainbow Folsom Lake Trout.  I told him that fishing is best May and June when the weather is cooler but I can at least show him the ropes and maybe catch a few.

We started by the dam and almost immediately caught a nice rainbow.  Then another, and another.  Only losing a few every now and then.  It helps to have an experienced angler fighting the fish.  And he just wanted to practice catch and release so all fish caught, were released.  It took about 5 mins to revive them since the water near the surface is so warm but it can be done and they all swam away back to deep water.  It was a great day except for all the smoke from the nearby forest fire.  The smoke got so bad at one point that we could not see the shore anymore.  But the fishing was great.  By 9am we had caught and released 12-13 rainbows and were still catching them and marking them on the fish finder.

Once the breeze died, the bite did too and it really started to get hot out there.  We decided to stop at 11am but we had caught and released 16 Folsom Lake Trout.

Top Presentation was yellow and silver speedy shiners and rainbow bread speedy shiners trolled 2.5mph GPS speed at a depth between 35-45′.

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6/29/16 Folsom Lake Trout

6/20/16 Folsom Lake Trout

The Stephan family wanted a little fishing action close to home and chose Folsom Lake.  Since I had not been there in over a month, and a projected 108 degree temperature, I suggested we go up the hill to the high country where its much cooler.  They were going to be taking a road trip the next day and decided it would be best staying close to home.  So I made a bunch of calls and found that the trout are still on a good bite and was pleasantly surprised.

We started the day where I normally start, directly across the granite bay ramp on the bumps I called em.  Within 10 mins we had our first hook up and a Folsom Lake Trout in the boat.  A beautiful holdover rainbow.  We continued on and lost a few fish and caught a 13″ spotted bass.  The bite was slower than I was expecting so we continued up the North Fork towards the bathroom.  We hooked and landed a nice 17″ rainbow but the canyons were blocking the breeze and it was starting to get hot so we packed up and moved over to the dam.

We had a nice 5mph breeze which kept us cool as we caught 2 more rainbows and lost about a half dozen.  They were biting very deep and darting to the surface.  Before we could get all the slack outta the line, they would come off.

We ended the day with 4 rainbows and a bass before a few of the kids started getting sea sick from playing all their video games on the cell phone and decided to call it a day.

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Mixed Bag Today at Stampede Reservoir

6/1/16  Mixed bag today at Stampede Reservoir

Today started of very foggy and chilly at Stampede Reservoir.  Okay, it was cold!!  We started off todays scouting mission by trolling to all the usual hangouts but marked very few schools.  Just a Kokanee here and there.  It was slow and by 9am, the fog had burned off and we had 3 Kokanee in the box.  One of them being a nice, fat 16 incher!!!  We also lost a few fish.  We then ventured out towards the dam to see if we could entice a Mackinaw to strike.  Wasn’t long before we had a double hook up.  Thought at first that the fish was snagged on the other line but soon they separated and we knew we had a double hook up.  Both fish fought hard but one, by the way it was fighting, had to be a nice Mackinaw.  We netted the smaller of the 2 fish to see that it was a beautiful hold over 18″ Rainbow Trout.  And not long after that netted a nice 6 to 7 pound Stampede Reservoir Mackinaw.  Now that we had 3 species of fish in the box, we decided to head back towards the launch ramp because the wind was starting to howl.  We caught 2 more Kokanee and another hold over Rainbow on the way back.  By now, there were white caps and it was getting rough.  The wind was blowing perpendicular to the launch ramp and trailering the boat was gonna be a chore so we decided to head in with 8 fish.  Just a little short of 2 limits.

Top set up today was a teardrop Goldstar glow in the dark dodger in pink splatter pattern trailing an Orange Radical Glow Tube with Pro Cure Garlic scent

Trolling speed was 1.5 gps speed

Target depth was between 15′ to 60′

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Mixed bag at Stampede Reservoir

Mixed bag at Stampede Reservoir


6/23/14 Lake Englebright Fishing Trip

Lake Englebright Fishing Trip

Lake Englebright Fishing Trip today, with Al and Jerry Silva. We started just outside the houseboats and trolled up river. It wasn’t long before we started landing nice rainbows up to 15”. After putting a half dozen in the box, we decided to take a ride up river. We dropped in and once again it was only a couple minutes before we hooked up again. After landing that rainbow the next two fish we landed were suckers. We decided to return back to the area we started at in the morning. The first pass we landed another nice rainbow. The next fish was a bonus 15” Kokanee. We ended the day with limits made up of two Kokanee one 15” and one 13” and the rest Rainbows. The Rainbows averaged 14” with a couple up to 16”.  All our fish were caught on Watermelon Sidekicks and a half of nightcrawler. We caught fish from the surface down to 16 feet.  Thank you to Nick and Lisa Rogers of Skippers Cove for their efforts with the pen project. Their efforts and paying off.  To book a Lake Englebright Fishing Trip with Captain Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service click on this link or call (888) 975-0990.

Jerry Silva of Kuna Idaho

Englebright Trout & Kokanee

Al Silva of Yuba City and Jerry Silva of Kuna Idaho

Englebright Trout & Kokanee

5/6/13 Lake Berryessa

We headed out from Markley Cove a little after 6:00 AM. The water temp was 67 degrees as we went by the houseboats. We headed straight out to the Big Island and focused on Kokanee. We hooked a few fish but they just wouldn’t stick. Finally, we ended up by the Ranch House where we landed a Rainbow. We worked this area and again had hook ups that didn’t stick. We kept working the general area of the Ranch House and the Big Island. Finally we landed some nice Kokanee just south of the Big Island. We decided to head back into the narrows and look for some Kings. We dropped in just short of the dam and it wasn’t long before we had a nice King in the box. About that time the wind came up and the sky started turning black. We could hear thunder and saw a couple flashes of lightening in the distance, that’s when we decided to troll are way in. It wasn’t a red-hot day but all in all is was a good day given the weather. We caught fish on a few different set ups which included Sep’s 3/0 Silver Starlight with a Berkley Gulp Minnow on a 18” leader, Sep’s 3/0 Fruit Bowl Dodger and a White Uncle Larry’s Squid. 4/0 Pink/White Sep’s Dodger and an Uncle Larry’s Pink Tiger, Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master with a Glow Hoochie. We also rolled Pautzke Fire Brined Shad and Anchovies. We hooked fish on bait but couldn’t get them to stick. For the Kokanee we used Shoepeg Corn cured in Pink Pautzke Fire Cure. We hooked or caught fish from 2’ to 110” today. Crazy day trying to figure out what they wanted.

Pictured is Michael Vaumgartner from Richmond

Lake Shasta

We had such a great day Saturday on Trinity Lake we thought we would give Shasta Lake a try today. We launched at Jones Valley about 9 AM. Started fishing inside the cove of Jones Valley, as soon as all four lines were in the water we got a hit. A few small rainbows and then we started getting into some nice rainbows up to 18 inches. We were trolling Captain America & Orange/Gold Humdingers topped with Pro-Cure Garlic Plus. Another setup was an Orange Cripplure, which brought in a few nice rainbows all coming from 10 to 25 feet. The water temperature is about 50 degrees. For the middle of January the weather is beautiful, another great day on the water