6/28/16 Kokanee

Today we went to an undisclosed lake in the eastern sierra’s for some Kokanee fishing.  I say undisclosed due to its small size and no plants.  The lake is self sustaining.

Clients did not wanna get up at the crack of dawn so I went out early and caught 3 nice Kokanee before they arrived.  Lost 2 fish also.  Not bad for trolling with just 2 rods and netting them myself.  I was stoked before my clients arrived.  My clients arrived at 6am and we were fishing by 6:10 after filling out the required captains log.  As I was explaining that if we lose 50{7a4ac4d41b4460d34b281f63b723a7d44734ea67a7ce96d64bb383ade0b55738} of the fish we hook today, we are doing good, we hooked up and lost it.  Then lost another one.  And another one.  Not long after, we boated our first fish.  A fat 14″ Kokanee.

By 9am, I believe we had 2 limits in the box then we had a quiet spell for about a half an hour.  All this time I was marking waypoints of the schools of fish I was marking and we had a pretty good circle of waypoints and made my way through em.  It was like a light switch turned on.  From 9:30 on, we netted 15 fat Kokanee and lost another dozen and we had a boat limit of 25 fish before 11am.  3 times, we didn’t even have a line in the water because I could not get the lines out quick enough before we hooked another fish.  We were putting on a show for the other 3 boats out there fishing and left them scratching their heads.

Back to the ramp for some pictures and fish cleaned by a little after noon, and while the valley was sweltering in 100 degree temps, it might have reached 80 degrees here.  Oh, how I love the high country in the summertime!!!

Top lure today was a pink Radical Glow Tube behind a Rocky Mountain Tackle Pink n Purple 4.25″ dodger with either ProCure’s Kokanee Special or Garlic scented shoe peg corn.  Depth was 20′-40′ and target depth of water was 40′-60′.  Trolling speed was 1mph GPS speed.

To get in on the action, call Capt. James Netzel toll free at 888-975-0990 or book online at https://fishtightlines.com


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