Boca Kokanee

7/3/16 Boca Kokanee

Clients Rohn and Willow had so much fun at Folsom 3 days ago, they wanted to go fishing again.  This time, the search was for Kokanee.  The hot bite for Boca Kokanee was kept a secret by many locals, myself included, due to the size of the lake and the fact that we were absolutely knocken em dead at Boca.

We met at the ramp at 5am and 5 mins later, we were fishing.  As I was explaining that I would undoubtedly knock off a few fish with the net and miss a few, there would be plenty of fish caught.  As I was demonstrating what a bite looks like, a fish pulled the release and the fight was on.  As avid trout anglers, I told them that Kokanee had super soft mouths and could not be horsed in and they found that out quickly.  After the 3rd lost fish, we got one in the boat.  I think 10 mins had gone by since we started fishing.

The bites and fish came fast and furious and within 1.5 hrs, we had 3 limits of Boca Kokanee to 17″ with an average in the high 15″.  It took them longer to drive to the lake than it had to catch limits!!!!  Then we went back to the ramp, boat on trailer, and started to fillet the fish.  Takes me a bit to fillet them because I’m very meticulous.  They were back home to Orangevale by noon.

Top bait of the day was Powerful Pink Radical Glow Tubes with ProCure garlic scented shoe peg corn behind a Rocky Mountain Tackle 4.25″ pink n purple dodger.

Speed was 1mph gps speed.

Target depth was 20′-35′ on the wire with 30′ set backs

To get in on the action, give Capt James Netzel a call toll free at 888-975-0990 or book online at

Willow with her first Kokanee.

Willow with her first Boca Kokanee.

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