6/30/16 Folsom Lake Trout

6/30/16 Folsom Lake Trout

A client called me the other day and said he was new to the area and wanted to learn the how to fish for Rainbow Folsom Lake Trout.  I told him that fishing is best May and June when the weather is cooler but I can at least show him the ropes and maybe catch a few.

We started by the dam and almost immediately caught a nice rainbow.  Then another, and another.  Only losing a few every now and then.  It helps to have an experienced angler fighting the fish.  And he just wanted to practice catch and release so all fish caught, were released.  It took about 5 mins to revive them since the water near the surface is so warm but it can be done and they all swam away back to deep water.  It was a great day except for all the smoke from the nearby forest fire.  The smoke got so bad at one point that we could not see the shore anymore.  But the fishing was great.  By 9am we had caught and released 12-13 rainbows and were still catching them and marking them on the fish finder.

Once the breeze died, the bite did too and it really started to get hot out there.  We decided to stop at 11am but we had caught and released 16 Folsom Lake Trout.

Top Presentation was yellow and silver speedy shiners and rainbow bread speedy shiners trolled 2.5mph GPS speed at a depth between 35-45′.

To get in on the action, call Capt. James Netzel at 888-975-0990 or book online at https://fishtightlines.com


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