6/29/16 Folsom Lake Trout

6/20/16 Folsom Lake Trout

The Stephan family wanted a little fishing action close to home and chose Folsom Lake.  Since I had not been there in over a month, and a projected 108 degree temperature, I suggested we go up the hill to the high country where its much cooler.  They were going to be taking a road trip the next day and decided it would be best staying close to home.  So I made a bunch of calls and found that the trout are still on a good bite and was pleasantly surprised.

We started the day where I normally start, directly across the granite bay ramp on the bumps I called em.  Within 10 mins we had our first hook up and a Folsom Lake Trout in the boat.  A beautiful holdover rainbow.  We continued on and lost a few fish and caught a 13″ spotted bass.  The bite was slower than I was expecting so we continued up the North Fork towards the bathroom.  We hooked and landed a nice 17″ rainbow but the canyons were blocking the breeze and it was starting to get hot so we packed up and moved over to the dam.

We had a nice 5mph breeze which kept us cool as we caught 2 more rainbows and lost about a half dozen.  They were biting very deep and darting to the surface.  Before we could get all the slack outta the line, they would come off.

We ended the day with 4 rainbows and a bass before a few of the kids started getting sea sick from playing all their video games on the cell phone and decided to call it a day.

To get in on the Rainbow action for Folsom Lake Trout, give Capt. James Netzel a call toll free at 888-975-0990 or book online at https://fishtightlines.com


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