8/30/12 Lake Tahoe

We spent the day on Lake Tahoe, just messing around with a couple friends.  We launched on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe at Cave Rock at 6:00 AM and headed straight over to Camp Richardson area in search for some Kokanee. It didn’t take long to find some nice school of Kokanee to work. We started with a variety of set ups. The fish seemed to like the Copper/Melon Sling Blade with a Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger. We were running three Kokanee rods and dropped one Dodger/Minnow rig a little deeper to try for a Mack. To my surprise we picked up a Kokanee at 180’ on that set up.  We just kept throwing every combination we could come up with to try to figure out what the hot Kokanee set up was going to be. The winners for the day were the Copper/Melon Sling Blade with the Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger and a Sep’s Copper/Pink dodger and a Rocky Mountain Tackle Watermelon Assign Sinner. Now let’s talk about the corn. We had a couple different types today. First was the straight Pautzke Fire Corn in Red and Pink. It worked, however, the hot corn today was the White Shoepeg cured in red Pautzke Fire Cure with a little Garlic added. After hooking over 17 Kokanee and putting 10 very nice Tahoe Kokanee in the box we headed up North to check on some Mackinaw spots.

We ran North about 6 miles and found a couple nice schools of Mackinaw. We dropped Dodger and Minnow combinations in and it wasn’t long before we had our first fish. The bad news is we lost it about 20’ from the boat. We ended up hooking another four Mackinaw and landing three of those. The size was nothing to brag about. The biggest was around 3 pounds. The wind started to come up so we decided to call it a day and head back for Cave Rock. All in all, it was a great day on the water with a couple good friends. I had time to try a ton of different combinations on the Kokanee that I normally wouldn’t have time to do.

Another fantastic day on Lake Tahoe!

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