8/10/13 Stampede Kokanee

We started off this morning on Stampede in the same area using the same set ups as previous days, however, it didn’t take long to find out things have changed again. If you have been following our reports from Stampede, you will see that over the last few days things have been changing quickly. Today, we caught fish from 21 feet to 65 feet and everyplace in between, no consistency in color, depth or tackle. We had four clients that wanted to call it a day by 10:30 as they had other plans. When we called it quits we had 10 kokanee in the box. We hooked most of those fish around the island. After dropping the clients off, I picked up my wife and three of my granddaughters. The kids hooked and landed 5 Kokanee in no time in front of the dam. We found fish stacked up over in the corner of the dam and also at the snag (a place in the Davies Creek arm Ted Samford named years ago). The fish over at the dam seemed a little bigger and fatter than the others. We also talked to a few other boats and most had the same results. Our best set up was a Sep’s Gold Starlight dodger with an Uncle Larry’s Pink Tiger and a small Pink and Silver Fish Flash also with the same Uncle Larry’s Spinner all tipped with Pautzke Fire Cured Corn behind Shark Cannonballs. For tomorrows trip, I think we will start out by the dam to see what happens. It was much colder this morning, as the boat seats had frost on them. Things are changing in the high country!

Pictured L to R

Charlotte Brown, Brooke Kennedy and Ella Brown

 cphoto     bphoto     ephoto

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