Red Hot Kokanee Bite at Stampede Reservoir

Not many other lakes throughout California can say that 75-100 fish by late morning is the norm.  Non stop action is to be had at the beautiful gem of a reservoir nestled about 15 mins northeast of Truckee.  Currently I’m mainly fishing Stampede Reservoir due to the incredible catch ratio and the lack of heavy boating pressure.  Typically we see Bald Eagles and Ospreys diving down to grab a quick meal everyday.  And, oh yes, the fishing is spectacular!!!!  I do not update these fishing reports regularly as its much easier to report on my facebook page Tight Lines Guide Service.

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deckfull of Stampede Kokanee 6/29/19

Boca Kokanee

7/3/16 Boca Kokanee

Clients Rohn and Willow had so much fun at Folsom 3 days ago, they wanted to go fishing again.  This time, the search was for Kokanee.  The hot bite for Boca Kokanee was kept a secret by many locals, myself included, due to the size of the lake and the fact that we were absolutely knocken em dead at Boca.

We met at the ramp at 5am and 5 mins later, we were fishing.  As I was explaining that I would undoubtedly knock off a few fish with the net and miss a few, there would be plenty of fish caught.  As I was demonstrating what a bite looks like, a fish pulled the release and the fight was on.  As avid trout anglers, I told them that Kokanee had super soft mouths and could not be horsed in and they found that out quickly.  After the 3rd lost fish, we got one in the boat.  I think 10 mins had gone by since we started fishing.

The bites and fish came fast and furious and within 1.5 hrs, we had 3 limits of Boca Kokanee to 17″ with an average in the high 15″.  It took them longer to drive to the lake than it had to catch limits!!!!  Then we went back to the ramp, boat on trailer, and started to fillet the fish.  Takes me a bit to fillet them because I’m very meticulous.  They were back home to Orangevale by noon.

Top bait of the day was Powerful Pink Radical Glow Tubes with ProCure garlic scented shoe peg corn behind a Rocky Mountain Tackle 4.25″ pink n purple dodger.

Speed was 1mph gps speed.

Target depth was 20′-35′ on the wire with 30′ set backs

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Willow with her first Kokanee.

Willow with her first Boca Kokanee.

6/18/16 Stampede Kokanee

Stampede Kokanee

Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. I’d have to agree, with forecasted 20 plus mph winds my clients still wanted to fish. Ugh!! Gonna be a rough one today. But we ended the day with a huge tangle of everyone of our lines but had 10 Kokanee plus a nice cutthroat in the box! Not bad at all considering the conditions.

4.25″ Rocky Mountain Tackle Company Dodgers teamed with double glow pink planktons were the hot bait today. Best depth was 30’deep in 45′ of water.  ProCure’s Kokanee Special scented shoe peg corn.  Trolling speed was tough with the wind.  Tried to stay at 1.2mph gps speed when we could but not always possible.

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6/17/16 Stampede Kokanee

5/17/16 Kokanee

Started off cold this morningand a tough bite.  Marked a ton of fish, they were just not in the mood to bite.  Switch up the presentation and lures a bit and started to catch fish.  Losing a bunch too.  About 9 am, the bite really turned on and we hooked numerous fish but failed to get most of em in the boat.  Then the wind started to blow and by 10:30, the wind started to howl!!! Makes for a tough day trying to keep at 1mph with a 20 plus mph wind.

We ended the day with 10 Kokanee to 16″.  Top presentation was a Dick Nite spoon behind a Rocky Mountain Tackle 4.25″ pink n purple dodger with ProCure Kokanee Special scented shoe peg corn.  Best depth was 30′ in 45′ of water.  Trolling speed between 1mph to 1.3 mph gps speed.

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6.26.16 Stampede Kokanee

Stampede Kokanee

Today I had the privilege of taking an Air Force Veteran out on a guided fishing trip for some Stampede Kokanee.  The morning started of cold with a light fog on the water and a very calm breeze.  Beautiful summer time conditions.  But it also started out slow.  It was more than an hour before we got our fist bite but fish did not make it to the boat.  In fact the next 3 fish did not make it in the boat.  Oh boy, thought it was gonna be one of those days.

Around 6 am, we boated our first Stampede Kokanee.  A fat 14 incher that lept out of the water several times and was so active, was difficult to net.  Made me look like a rookie netter. lol  We put the next 2 fish in the boat back to back, then lost a couple.  But the bite had definitely turned on.

Between 8am and 9 am we put 7 fish in the boat and lost just as many.  A great hour of fishing.

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Top producer today was a pink Radical Glow Tube behind a Rocky Mountain Tackle 4.25′ pink n purple dodger with Garlic scented ProCure shoe peg corn.  Trolling speed was 1mph gps speed.  Fish caught between 20′ to 35′ deep.  Target water depth was 75′


6.25.16 Stampede Kokanee

Stampede Kokanee

Today  I had the privilege of taking out Mark Fong, a write for the Fish Sniffer magazine, and his buddy on a guided fishing trip to Stampede Reservoir for the famed Stampede Kokanee.  I got there at 4:30 am and was surprised to see that I was not alone.  In fact 3 other boats had already launched.  Knew then it was gonna be a busy day on the lake.

Started off in front of the launch ramp where there were already 3 boats working the area.  Didn’t mark many Kokanee and no bites so I trolled on to look for fish.  I don’t like to use the big motor and make a big move because you will drive over fish and not know it.  Plus trolling is the best way of finding a school.  Well it didn’t take long and bam!!!!  A kokanee pulled off the release and soon after, a 14″ fat Kokanee in the boat.  We didn’t even get that rod re-rigged before we had another bite, then another bite.  Both fish came unhooked.  But we were starting to get noticed by the other boats.  I look back to see that there were about 7 boats now working their way from the launch ramp to where we were.  Yep, gonna be one of those days.  I placed a way point on the school and decided to move on to search out another school and found one shortly thereafter.  I marked that school and since I was doing a live on the water report on Sep’s California Sportsman radio show in about 30 mins, I headed to where there was good cell coverage and started making tight turns to keep the cell service in range.  That made me get noticed again by the other boats on the water which was about 15 boats now and they started heading my way.  I made a figure 8 for about 45 mins while on air and there were about a dozen boats within 200 yards of my boat.

I leave after the radio show and head back to my waypoints marking the schools to find that the schools are not balled up tightly anymore and are on the move.  That’s good news!!!  Means fishing is gonna get real good.  And boy did it.  From 8am to 9am, we put 5 Kokanee in the box and lost about the same.  Then the bite turned off like it always does while Kokanee fishing and we drew blanks for about 30 mins.  The other boats must have been struggling too because they all became very spread out looking for some fish.  I didn’t have that problem, because I had over a dozen waypoints marked where schools are and sooner or later, they would be on the bite again.  You just gotta keep hitting em till they bite.

10 am rolled by and the water skiers started to launch and I knew it was gonna start getting rough with waves from the skiers.  Luckily the bite picked up and at 11am, we decided to head back in with 12 Kokanee to 14″.  Could have stayed and braved the skiers but my 2 clients had their limits and I had enough for a dinner.

Disclaimer:  Losing fish is part of Kokanee fishing.  If you are losing only 50{7a4ac4d41b4460d34b281f63b723a7d44734ea67a7ce96d64bb383ade0b55738} of your  Stampede Kokanee, you are doing it correctly.  Sometimes you don’t lose em at all, rarely happens, sometimes you cannot get those guys in the net.  It happens, and remember is better to hook and lose the fish than to not hook the fish at all.

Top producer was a Rocky Mountain Tackle Double Glow Pink Plankton spinner behind a Rocky Mountain Tackle 4.25″ Pink n Purple dodger with ProCure Garlic scented shoe peg corn.  Fish were caught between 25′-50′ and trolling speed was 1mph to 1.2mph gps speed.  Target water depth was 85′.

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6.22.16 Stampede

Today’s clients were 2 young children so we got a later start today at Stampede fishing for Kokanee.  There were a lot of boats on the water today but they were fairly scattered when we got there.  We started fishing the area we did well yesterday but it was pretty evident on the sonar that the fish had moved.  So we started trolling towards Sage Hen Creek marking a few fish here and there then bam!!!!

A double to start out the day.  Its very amusing watching youngsters reeling in their first fish whipping the rod around while desperately trying to reel the fish in.  The first kokanee made a huge leap and tossed the hook but we managed to net the second.  It was all smiles on the boat from then on.  We caught fish after fish in an hour, losing quite a few too till the entire fleet on the lake saw what we were doing and soon we were not alone anymore.

Got pretty crowded in a short time so we moved to find another school but didn’t mark very many Kokanee so we headed back to the circus of boats only to find that they had moved on.  We caught a beautiful 17″ Cutthroat Trout on the way.  We caught a few more till the clients decided to call it an early day, then I went to cleaning the catch and taking pictures.  I think its good luck to continue to fish while cleaning fish and it paid off.  We got another 15″ kokanee before the last fish was cleaned.

Fish got cleaned, pictures taken, then started to reel in the lines and put the down riggers to rest when we got 1 last Kokanee while reeling in.  What a day it was for the 2 kids and proud father and uncle.  They had been fishing from shore for 4 days without a nibble and now they are going home with an ice chest full of fish.

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6/21/16 Stampede

Mia, Tyler, and Annika Howell and proud father and grandfather fished Stampede Reservoir today for 13 fat Kokanee to 16″.  Had the opportunity for boat limits but, as many know, these feisty fish are sometimes a challenge getting into the net.  We marked and caught fish everwhere we fished but did best staying close to boat ramp.  We watched as boat after boat launched and drove right over the school of fish that we were fishing on to go searching out a school in their favorite spots.  Well, this year is different from normal years.  The Kokanee are hanging out where they should have been a month ago and are not eager to move.


Double glow Rocky Mountain Tackle pink plankton was top getter behind a pink-n-purple 4.25″RMT dodger with ProCure’s Kokanee Special flavored shoe peg corn.  Also caught em on orange RGT’s and small Dick Nite spoons.  Caught em 20′-45′ down but 25′ was best depth.

It was a beautiful day today at Stampede, maybe hitting the high 7o’s while those in the valley were sweltering in 100 degree heat.

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Stampede Kokanee

6/13/16 Stampede Kokanee

Today started off very foggy to where I used the radar to see so I would not run into the other boats out on the lake today.  During the foggy morning, the Kokanee bite came very quickly and we had a nice 14″ Kokanee before I was able to get all the rods fishing.  Within the first half hour, we boated 3 Kokanee and lost 2 others.  Then I made a bonehead decision and wanted to check out the area that was hot last week.  The rule is, don’t leave fish to go find fish.  Wasted a half an hour going to check the area out as we did not get a bite or see very many Kokanee.  We returned to where we first started catching fish and soon boated 2 more fat Kokanee where we saw another boater who said he heard my report over the weekend and wanted to try his luck.  I asked him what he was using and he said hoochies.  Guess he did not listen to the whole report because the hot bait has not been hoochies.

We covered the area in front of Jay’s cove pretty well and continued to catch fish.  We were up to 8 Kokanee by the time the fog burnt off, then the bite really slowed down.  My client asked me how long are we gonna stay fishing.  I answered saying “till you can talk me into going home”. lol  He said another half hour and he’s good.  Well, I guess the fish did not hear that because the next half hour we boated 4 more fish, released 2 or the smaller ones and put on ice 2 nice fat 14″ Kokanee.  Reeled in all the rods, cleaned the fish, and we were off the water by 11am.  Right about the time forcasted for the winds to really pick up.

Top set-up was 4.25″ Rocky Mountain Tackle dodgers in Pink-n-Purple trailing a small Dick Nite spoon with ProCure Kokanee Special shoe peg corn

Trolling speed between 1.0-1.2 gps speed

Target depth was between 30-40′ deep

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Mixed Bag Today at Stampede Reservoir

6/1/16  Mixed bag today at Stampede Reservoir

Today started of very foggy and chilly at Stampede Reservoir.  Okay, it was cold!!  We started off todays scouting mission by trolling to all the usual hangouts but marked very few schools.  Just a Kokanee here and there.  It was slow and by 9am, the fog had burned off and we had 3 Kokanee in the box.  One of them being a nice, fat 16 incher!!!  We also lost a few fish.  We then ventured out towards the dam to see if we could entice a Mackinaw to strike.  Wasn’t long before we had a double hook up.  Thought at first that the fish was snagged on the other line but soon they separated and we knew we had a double hook up.  Both fish fought hard but one, by the way it was fighting, had to be a nice Mackinaw.  We netted the smaller of the 2 fish to see that it was a beautiful hold over 18″ Rainbow Trout.  And not long after that netted a nice 6 to 7 pound Stampede Reservoir Mackinaw.  Now that we had 3 species of fish in the box, we decided to head back towards the launch ramp because the wind was starting to howl.  We caught 2 more Kokanee and another hold over Rainbow on the way back.  By now, there were white caps and it was getting rough.  The wind was blowing perpendicular to the launch ramp and trailering the boat was gonna be a chore so we decided to head in with 8 fish.  Just a little short of 2 limits.

Top set up today was a teardrop Goldstar glow in the dark dodger in pink splatter pattern trailing an Orange Radical Glow Tube with Pro Cure Garlic scent

Trolling speed was 1.5 gps speed

Target depth was between 15′ to 60′

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Mixed bag at Stampede Reservoir

Mixed bag at Stampede Reservoir