6.22.16 Stampede

Today’s clients were 2 young children so we got a later start today at Stampede fishing for Kokanee.  There were a lot of boats on the water today but they were fairly scattered when we got there.  We started fishing the area we did well yesterday but it was pretty evident on the sonar that the fish had moved.  So we started trolling towards Sage Hen Creek marking a few fish here and there then bam!!!!

A double to start out the day.  Its very amusing watching youngsters reeling in their first fish whipping the rod around while desperately trying to reel the fish in.  The first kokanee made a huge leap and tossed the hook but we managed to net the second.  It was all smiles on the boat from then on.  We caught fish after fish in an hour, losing quite a few too till the entire fleet on the lake saw what we were doing and soon we were not alone anymore.

Got pretty crowded in a short time so we moved to find another school but didn’t mark very many Kokanee so we headed back to the circus of boats only to find that they had moved on.  We caught a beautiful 17″ Cutthroat Trout on the way.  We caught a few more till the clients decided to call it an early day, then I went to cleaning the catch and taking pictures.  I think its good luck to continue to fish while cleaning fish and it paid off.  We got another 15″ kokanee before the last fish was cleaned.

Fish got cleaned, pictures taken, then started to reel in the lines and put the down riggers to rest when we got 1 last Kokanee while reeling in.  What a day it was for the 2 kids and proud father and uncle.  They had been fishing from shore for 4 days without a nibble and now they are going home with an ice chest full of fish.

To get in on the action at Stampede Reservoir, call Capt. James Netzel toll free at 888-975-0990 or book online at https://fishtightlines.com


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