3/21/14 Stampede Reservoir Kokanee

We launched at 7:00 AM (a little later than planned) and headed straight across from the ramp and started targeting Mackinaw. We fished for Mack’s for a couple hours without a touch. We noticed Kokanee breaking on the surface all morning, I threw out a top line with a dodger and spinner. It wasn’t long before we hooked two Kokanee landing one.  As we got close to the island I marked some nice schools of Kokanee at 30 to 50 feet deep. We rigged up two Kokanee rods and dropped one to 25’ and the other to 50’. Both rods hooked up. We ended up fishing this school for a half hour or so and putting a nice bunch of Kokanee in the box.  We found another nice school off the point by the dam. We caught our Kokanee on Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master Dodgers and a pink Uncle Larry’s spinner. As far as corn, we didn’t have any! I had stripped my boat so they could use it in a show last week and forgot to put any back in. I did have some Berkley Power Grubs so I cut them in chunks and used that as corn. The Kokanee we caught on the surface were only about 10” and the deeper ones were up to 12”. That’s small but it’s early. The surface temp on Stampede today was 43 degrees.  Launching is no problem; unfortunately there is no snow anywhere around the lake.


9/3/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

We had a good on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing, this Salmon was caught on Pautzke Fire Cured Roe.


9/1/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Great bite, Salmon Fishing Sacramento River today,. Camac and Renee from Salinas holding their four Kings caught and we lost another four or five. We were back bouncing Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish. We had our limits by 9:30 and I got two for myself before calling it a day. We had a great time today and Camac and Renee did a great job.


8/28/13 Lake Tahoe

Over three months ago we booked a fishing trip for a Vietnam Veteran’s Group having a reunion in Lake Tahoe. We had enough anglers to fill two boats, we got Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy’s Guide Service to help us out. Unfortunately, there has been a couple of fires, the American Fire and the Rim Fire, so Lake Tahoe was very smokey. We gave the men the option to cancel but they were troopers and still wanted to fish.
We launch out of Cave Rock at 6 AM and headed towards Camp Richardson. The Kokanee were down between 90 and 110 feet, we used a variety of Dodgers and Spinners and Shoepeg corn cured with Pautzke’s Fire Cure. A few Kokes were already starting to turn red. Despite the smokey conditions it turned out to be a great day, the wind came up and we were just a couple fish shy of our limits for everyone.





8/23/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

One of the fish from today. You think he liked this T-55 Flat Fish?


Mike Tripp with his King Salmon limit today on Sacramento River.

photo 1-3

8/22/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Captain Rick on Sac…

2013_8_22_rick_sac copy


To give you an idea of the size of Salmon coming out of the Sacramento River, here’s three slugs on a 40 inch filet table. All fish were caught on Yakima Bait Company T-55 Flat Fish.










8/20/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing


Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service caught this 32 pounder along with a 20 pounder last night Salmon Fishing on the Sacramento River. It’s not a very good photo but you get the gist…

8/18/13 Feather River Salmon Fishing

Matthew Ramos 13 years old won a free Salmon Fishing Trip with matthewTight Lines Guide Service at the July Summer Event at Guns Fishing & Other Stuff in Vacaville!

He had a great time reeling in this 21 pound King Salmon. Great job Matthew!

8/17/13 Feather River Salmon Fishing


Tight Lines Guide Service was out on the Feather River on Saturday, we were dragging Pautzke Cured Roe when Tresa hooked this Salmon.


8/10/13 Stampede Kokanee

We started off this morning on Stampede in the same area using the same set ups as previous days, however, it didn’t take long to find out things have changed again. If you have been following our reports from Stampede, you will see that over the last few days things have been changing quickly. Today, we caught fish from 21 feet to 65 feet and everyplace in between, no consistency in color, depth or tackle. We had four clients that wanted to call it a day by 10:30 as they had other plans. When we called it quits we had 10 kokanee in the box. We hooked most of those fish around the island. After dropping the clients off, I picked up my wife and three of my granddaughters. The kids hooked and landed 5 Kokanee in no time in front of the dam. We found fish stacked up over in the corner of the dam and also at the snag (a place in the Davies Creek arm Ted Samford named years ago). The fish over at the dam seemed a little bigger and fatter than the others. We also talked to a few other boats and most had the same results. Our best set up was a Sep’s Gold Starlight dodger with an Uncle Larry’s Pink Tiger and a small Pink and Silver Fish Flash also with the same Uncle Larry’s Spinner all tipped with Pautzke Fire Cured Corn behind Shark Cannonballs. For tomorrows trip, I think we will start out by the dam to see what happens. It was much colder this morning, as the boat seats had frost on them. Things are changing in the high country!

Pictured L to R

Charlotte Brown, Brooke Kennedy and Ella Brown

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