9/2/12 & 9/3/12 Lake Tahoe

We spent the last two days chasing Kokanee on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe.  We launched both days at Cave Rock and headed straight to the Camp Richardson area.  Most of the boats were working in a little closer than we were. We had solid action both days. On Sunday we had three different doubles and consistent action, which made it nice with with five people on board. The hot set up on Sunday was a Shasta Tackle Copper Melon with an Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger spinner and a Sep’s Copper Dodger with a RMT Watermelon Assassin Spinner.  We also were using ball trolls behind Chrome Shark Cannon Balls.

On Monday we didn’t have any doubles but again it was a very consistent bit for us. It didn’t take long to have full limits of nice Lake Tahoe Kokanee. Our set ups Monday were a little different. Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master with a RMT Watermelon Assassin spinner did extremely well. The other set up that worked well was a RMT Copper Orange Hawaiian and an Uncle Larry’s Tropical Tiger. Everything was tipped with Pink Patuzke Fire Corn. The best depth both days was 112’. All the fish we caught were starting to turn however they all produced very nice fillets.

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