9/4/12 North Lake Tahoe

Ronnie and Kevin from Texas

We launched this morning out of North Shore at 5:15 AM. After completing our paperwork we headed out for a 6-mile boat ride. We started fishing in 350′ of water with the plan to move into 150’ or so, we started marking suspended fish around 200 to 280 feet. We dropped down and within 5 minutes we had a seven pound Lake Tahoe Mackinaw in the box. That was followed with a double. One was around 5 pounds and the other around three. It wasn’t long before we had another. The action was fast for a short time. We ended up with 6 in the boat and one we lost about 20’ from the net. All these fish were nice fish and full of shrimp. All our fish today came from 310” of water on our Cannon downriggers. Keep in mind with that kind of depth the blow back on our weights, we were likely around 250’. We caught all our fish on spoons, Needlefish and Coyote spoons worked well. At 8:00 AM it was like the light switch turned off. We talked about running to South Shore and chase some Kokanee but decided to call it a day.



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