6/21/16 Stampede

Mia, Tyler, and Annika Howell and proud father and grandfather fished Stampede Reservoir today for 13 fat Kokanee to 16″.  Had the opportunity for boat limits but, as many know, these feisty fish are sometimes a challenge getting into the net.  We marked and caught fish everwhere we fished but did best staying close to boat ramp.  We watched as boat after boat launched and drove right over the school of fish that we were fishing on to go searching out a school in their favorite spots.  Well, this year is different from normal years.  The Kokanee are hanging out where they should have been a month ago and are not eager to move.


Double glow Rocky Mountain Tackle pink plankton was top getter behind a pink-n-purple 4.25″RMT dodger with ProCure’s Kokanee Special flavored shoe peg corn.  Also caught em on orange RGT’s and small Dick Nite spoons.  Caught em 20′-45′ down but 25′ was best depth.

It was a beautiful day today at Stampede, maybe hitting the high 7o’s while those in the valley were sweltering in 100 degree heat.

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6/18/14 Stampede Kokanee Fishing

Stampede Kokanee Fishing

When we arrived at the ramp this morning we found that the water had dropped and one truck was stuck in the mud and another truck was waiting in line. I pulled the one truck out without a problem. The next truck launched and I also had to pull him out. Until today the ramp wasn’t bad. The good news, when we pulled out there was a backhoe working to clean up the ramp which should make it no problem to launch again. Note both truck that got suck were two wheel drive. Now for the fishing! Talking to friends that were already at Stampede Kokanee Fishing they said the bite was slower, however, as we left the ramp we started marking fish right away. We dropped in and started hooking fish. All but one fish today were caught on a Small Copper Dodger and a Radical Glow Pink Tube tipped with Pautzke Fire Corn. The fish averaged 13″ but were all good fighters. If you would like to to book a Stampede Kokanee Fishing trip with Captain Rick Kennedy of Tight Lines Guide Service click on this link or call (888) 975-0990.

Art Lewis and Eli Miller from Martinez CA

Stampede Kokanee

4/5/14 Striped Bass Fishing in the Delta


We spent yesterday Striped Bass Fishing in the Delta with friends. We fished some areas that I haven’t fishing in years. After we caught a couple shakers on swim baits and top water plugs, I pulled into a spot and commented that I’ve caught some nice fish in this little run. Within 100 yards we hooked and landed a Striper just under 10 pounds trolling deep diving plugs. We moved over to another area that a friend had told me about the day before. We got there just as the tide was about to bottom out. We found a school of fish right where we had been told they were. On our first pass we had two grabs and landed one fish around 6 or 7 pounds. We continued to hook fish on every pass for the next hour of so. Most of these fish were small right around the 18″ mark.

Our trolling set ups were Berkley IM8 Rods with Abu Garcia 5500LC reels which make it nice knowing exactly where all our lures are. The lures we used were large Rapala’s and Yo Zuri’s.

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Stampede Kokanee are HOT!

20130718_stampede The Kokanee bite at Stampede continues to be outstanding. For the third time in five days the Kokanee bite was nothing short of perfect. We launched at 5:30 AM and headed straight over to the Island. With two rods in the water we had our fifteen Kokanee in the box and lost another 8 or 10 by 8:00 AM. The fish have been going crazy over the Sep’s Watermelon Strike Master and a RMT Assassin Spinner with Pautzke corn. Today, we used our own mixture of corn which is Shoepeg Corn cured with Pautzke Fire Cure. The Berkley 6 pound XL on Abu Garcia 4600 reels have been getting a work out at Stampede. The fish haven’t been big but they are nice fish. They are fish is running 12 to 13 inches with a 14 inch every now and then. The best depths have been 35 to 40 feet at first light and dropping to 50 to 60 feet as the sun comes up.