10/16/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River (Metro)

We spent the last two days Salmon Fishing Sacramento River in the Sacramento Metro area. It didn’t take long to remind myself how this area can be either on or off. Monday we fished hard for several hours for nothing more than a slight grab. As a guide, days like this keep you up all night thinking what could I have done different and what will I change tomorrow. Well, today we launched at the same time, started in the same place with the same lures and within an hour and a half we had 5 nice salmon up to 35 pounds in the boat. We got our first five fish quickly and needed one more for full limits for our clients. We had that number six fish on four times but couldn’t seem to get him to the boat. All our fish were caught trolling down river on the outgoing tide.

Pictured is Brandon Abril of Vacaville and his brothers Brogon and Brett Abril of Pittsburg.


10/5/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Our afternoon trip showed up and we were off to the same hole we finished up our limits earlier. Salmon Fishing Sacramento River was awesome! We had the Raaf Family – Justin from Sacramento, Andrew from Santa Barbara and Rita and Richard from Kansas. We had six King Salmon in no time with the biggest 25 pounds.

Justin, Andrew, Rita and Richard


10/4/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Today, we were Salmon Fishing Sacramento River with three brothers from Fresno, Marco, Rafael and Jesus Quintero. They caught their King Salmon on Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.


10/1/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Captain Rick Kennedy had on the Tight Lines Guide Service boat today, Allen and Jacquie Ekstrom from San Jose. They where out with us a couple weeks ago they got limits in no time, they’re out again today to try their luck. This is the 33 pounder that Jacquie landed! She had a great day!!


9/28/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Frank Gregorio and Dustin DaSilva fished with Captain Rick Kennedy aboard the Tight Lines Guide Service boat today. They had good success Salmon Fishing Sacramento River using Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.

Frank with his limit of King Salmon


Dustin with a nice King Salmon


9/27/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Salmon Fishing Sacramento River still continues to produce some nice fish. The Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish are still the lure of choice.  Today, we had Michael Bunten and his brother in law Richard.


9/25/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

September 25th was a tough day Salmon Fishing Sacramento River. We lost count how many we lost. But, Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish are the ticket.

Ryan Schembri 14 years old with his King Salmon



9/22/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

What fun we had today with Belinda Verlod and her group of friends! We were Salmon Fishing Sacramento River. Listen HERE to the recording of Belinda when she was fighting her big King Salmon.

Belinda holding her awesome King Salmon


Pat with her nice King Salmon



Darren with a King Salmon



9/18/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Tight Lines Guide Service had Jacquie Ekstrom and her husband on board today. They both got their limits! Thanks to Jacquie’s cousin David Bonini for referring them to us. We were Salmon Fishing Sacramento River using Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.




9/15/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River

Today, Salmon Fishing Sacramento River was great! We had a sponsor onboard Chuck Kavros of Top This in Grass Valley. Rene Valdez of Burbank enjoying his second Salmon trip with us and Rick Anderson and his grandson Jeffrey Juowski.