5/13/14 Lake Oroville Fishing

We started off this morning at Lake Oroville Fishing along the dam and worked that area for about an hour without a touch. Just a few days ago, we did very well in a this area. Watching a couple other boats not having any luck, we decided to run up the river a ways based on a tip. We dropped in and it wasn’t long before we had our first fish. We worked this area and ended up with a 22″ Coho Salmon, 2 King Salmon and 2 Bass that we released. We also lost two other fish in the same area. We moved back out to the main body of the lake and landed another King Salmon. After working our way back to the dam without another touch we decided to take some pictures, clean fish and call it a day. Just after cleaning the four we had in the box we landed another King Salmon. It wasn’t a red hot bite, however, based on reports from others, we did pretty good. There was a little club tournament going on that had a total of eight fish weighed in. I couldn’t get a hit on spoons or bait today. All of our fish were caught on Berkley Gulp Minnows behind large Pro Troll Flashers. Our best depths were 36 to 45 feet deep.


Jeff Smith of Sacramento

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