5/27/14 Lake Oroville Fishing

A tough day on Lake Oroville Fishing today! We started in the North Fork and landed and released three bass. After another hour we finally landed a nice King Salmon in the same general area. We continued to work that stretch of the North Fork without another touch. We also fished Bidwell Point, the area around the Green Bridge and the North wall by the ramp. Finally, we hooked and landed a nice Coho that measured just over 23” just out from the Buoy line. The final count for the day was 3 Bass, 1 Coho and 1 King. Both Salmon were caught on a Pro Troll Flasher with a Berkley Gulp Minnow behind Shark Cannonballs. The Coho was caught at 45’ and the King at 35’. We also pulled spoons, Squid with strips of Anchovies without a touch. or Call (888) 975-0990


5/24/14 Lake Oroville Fishing

Today, we are at Lake Oroville Fishing. We launched at 6:00 AM and started working the area around the dam and spillway. After about an hour with no action we headed up the North Fork arm. We dropped in and went for another hour before we got our first hit. We continued to work this area landing two Coho’s and two Kings. The largest fish was a 24” Coho. The bite was definitely different and slower than just a couple days ago. The water temp was up to 73 deg. And the lake level had dropped at least two feet. One thing that was different today than the last time we were on Oroville is the fish seemed to be right on the bottom in 40 to 60 feet of water as opposed to a few days ago we found them in deep water suspended 30 to 50 feet. We talked to four other fishing boats and the story was the same…. It’s slow today. Our fish were caught on a Pro Troll Flasher and a Berkley Gulp Minnow behind Shark Cannonballs.

Jeff Smith – Sacramento  and Reno Ramos – Magalia

IMG_4370     IMG_4368

5/13/14 Lake Oroville Fishing

We started off this morning at Lake Oroville Fishing along the dam and worked that area for about an hour without a touch. Just a few days ago, we did very well in a this area. Watching a couple other boats not having any luck, we decided to run up the river a ways based on a tip. We dropped in and it wasn’t long before we had our first fish. We worked this area and ended up with a 22″ Coho Salmon, 2 King Salmon and 2 Bass that we released. We also lost two other fish in the same area. We moved back out to the main body of the lake and landed another King Salmon. After working our way back to the dam without another touch we decided to take some pictures, clean fish and call it a day. Just after cleaning the four we had in the box we landed another King Salmon. It wasn’t a red hot bite, however, based on reports from others, we did pretty good. There was a little club tournament going on that had a total of eight fish weighed in. I couldn’t get a hit on spoons or bait today. All of our fish were caught on Berkley Gulp Minnows behind large Pro Troll Flashers. Our best depths were 36 to 45 feet deep.

Jeff Smith of Sacramento

oroville     coho

5/9/14 Lake Oroville King Salmon

We did a scouting trip on Lake Oroville King Salmon with Paul and Cal from The Fish Sniffer. We caught King Salmon up to 20 inches. The Kings were all nice fish that fought hard. Watch for the full story in the next issue of The Fish Sniffer.

Big King Salmon Are Biting At Lake Oroville. See Captain Rick Kennedy and Team Fish Sniffer On The Water In Action!!!!

Click on the link to watch the video Lake Oroville King Salmon

fish1     fish2


10/20/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Metro Area)

It was a slow start to the morning, then I figured out why? Bananas on the boat???


Sacramento River Salmon Fishing…some of my best days on the water, when I was cleaning fish I turn around to see everyone eating a banana. I know some take this serious but I have fun with it. We ended the day with one fish per rod (3) which was a good average from what I saw and what I was told by others. The best part of the whole day was the joking about the bananas and the fact that all three of these guys caught their first King Salmon. These guys took the ribbing well and did a great job today. We trolled Flat Fish down river in the Sacramento Metro area.

Pictured below are Tom Heffernan of Shingle Springs, Bill Davis and Robin Sutton from Grass Valley

10/18/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Metro Area)

Today we had the honor of taking out Mr Dick Patton of Hillsborough and his son Bruce of Folsom. Dick spent several years fishing out of Santa Cruz but said catching a Salmon on the Sacramento River was on his bucket list. At 88 years old he finally was able to spend some time on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing. It took 45 minutes to get our first fish on and it was on Dicks rod. We landed that one and soon after that Bruce landed one. The bite slowed a little after that so we started working down river to try to get away from the boat traffic. It wasn’t long before Bruce landed a small King then Dick landed the biggest of the day a 24 pound king. I had a great time listening to Dicks stories and as it turns out we know a lot of the same people in the fishing world. Our fish were all caught trolling Flat Fish down river in the Sacramento Metro area.

Note Dick was not able to hold the 24 lb King Salmon for the photo so Bruce has the big one.


10/16/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Metro)

Today we returned to the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Metro area) with our clients Lincoln Okada and his son Calvin. It didn’t take long before we were hooked up and Calvin landed his first Salmon. The bite was good for the first hour or so and then the boat traffic got pretty heavy and things seemed to slow down. Once again, we caught some salmon that were very bright and clean.

We are off to the Delta to chase Stripers for the next couple days before returning to the Sacramento River.

Calvin with his first ever King Salmon


Lincoln and Calvin Okada from Penn Valley with limits this morning


10/16/13 Salmon Fishing Sacramento River (Metro)

We spent the last two days Salmon Fishing Sacramento River in the Sacramento Metro area. It didn’t take long to remind myself how this area can be either on or off. Monday we fished hard for several hours for nothing more than a slight grab. As a guide, days like this keep you up all night thinking what could I have done different and what will I change tomorrow. Well, today we launched at the same time, started in the same place with the same lures and within an hour and a half we had 5 nice salmon up to 35 pounds in the boat. We got our first five fish quickly and needed one more for full limits for our clients. We had that number six fish on four times but couldn’t seem to get him to the boat. All our fish were caught trolling down river on the outgoing tide.

Pictured is Brandon Abril of Vacaville and his brothers Brogon and Brett Abril of Pittsburg.


10/11/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing

Tight Lines Guide Service is back up on the Sacramento River Salmon Fishing by Butte City. Our clients were Bruce Cobb from Morgan Hill, Christopher Leu, Steve Beale and Scott Stoller all from Pasadena.

All the King Salmon were caught on Yakima Bait T-55 Flat Fish.


10/8/13 Sacramento River Salmon Fishing (Clarksburg)

Below is a picture of Dan Vasquez from Antioch on Tuesday 10/8. I had a day with just Dan and we decided to try the Clarksburg area. We had 6 hook ups and Dan landed these two chrome King Salmon. They weren’t the biggest but they sure were bright and produced some beautiful filets. The chrome / green head Yakima Bait M2 Flat Fish wrapped with sardine was the what they wanted on this day. I also tried some T50’s but they didn’t seem to like the larger plugs.  We were using our Abu Garcia 5500 line counter reels teamed up with Berkley IM8 Air Rods to get all the lures working the same distance behind the boat while trolling down Sacramento River Salmon Fishing.