1/22/13 Lake Tahoe 10.5 lb Brown Trout

We decided to go to Lake Tahoe for the day to get the boat inspected and pre fish for some upcoming trips. We took our granddaughter, Brooke with us. After the inspection was complete we launched at Cave Rock and immediately started fishing. We pulled a some spoons and stickbaits for a couple hours without a touch. A friend had given me a Bass Pro XTS Speed Minnow at the ISE show, he had good luck with it on some foothill lakes. I had a couple G-Loomis CR 842-2 Kokanee rods with 8 lb P-Line CXX on them sitting idle, I tied this XPS lure on, put some Pautzke Krill on it and let it our about 50 yards. Within about 15 minutes Brooke landed a 10.5 pound brown. Brooke is seven years old. She had the time of her life bringing in this fish on that light rod. Brooke was playing hooky from school that day. I need to mention that 25 years ago, our daughter Jeannie, mother of Brooke, also skipped school to go fishing with her Dad. She was seven years old, just as her daughter is. On this day Jeannie landed a trophy striped bass weighing 47 pounds in the San Joaquin Delta. There one more coincident to this story the striper Jeannie wrestled in 25 years ago was caught on P-Line CX, Brooke’s brown trout was hooked on P-Line CXX. What a great day and wonderful memories!

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